The F-91W is my every day watch in healthcare work. You’ll never find something more discrete and functional that can take such a beating.


Casio has a line of ladies watches with floral borders, I wear one as a man and get lots of compliments.

chiliedogg, (edited )

Ooh - do they have one in Hawaiian print?

Edit: Searching for “Casio Hawaiian Print” was fun.


That shirt goes hard, ngl


Dammit why do I love this.


The amount of compliments I also got from the cheapest watch at a grocery store (also Casio)… I’ve seen listings for some really expensive ones with the same shape and general appearance but different colors and maybe features. Does anyone know what’s up with those?


Casio does variants of the same model with all stainless steel cases/bands for a bit more, but it’s usually the japan exclusive colorways that see prices north of $70 or so. Casios are usually pretty affordable!


$70 isn’t even expensive. Are people really fawning over sub-$100 watches?


I mean you read the post right? Anon is literally fawning over a $10 watch


This perception that cost=quality is so funny. It’s a tragedy that Jules Borel gave up on Mallards. Swiss movements in stainless cases, sold as a price-point piece. Peanuts compared to most shitass luxury watches of the time that used the exact same movement.

WoodenBleachers, avatar

What watch, in your opinion, is worth the cost? I’d like something a little nice, but tend to only buy quality items so I don’t re-buy


We’re still one of those planets that think digital watches are a neat idea.


I mean Garmin watches are pretty awesome


Yeah my Instinct is basically glued to my arm at this point. Solar charged. Can take a bath with it on.


Instinct solar gang. Love this watch.


Time is an illusion.


Lunchtime doubly so


My wife is in the army. This is the watch that soldiers wear; it has every function you need, and absolutely none that you don’t, and it’s cheap as shit so you can afford it on your crappy military pay. It will not give a flying fuck what kind of abuse you put it through, and in a pinch it will probably stop a bullet.


I lost my Casio watch somewhere in my closet about 3 years ago (I am very lazy).

I still hear it beep every hour.


Maybe today is the day?


Nope, he just missed it.


Beautifully timed


place a marker halfway in your closet. every hour stand at the marker and see if the beep is to your left or right. Should be able to find it in <8 attempts.


Dude is lazy and you want him to stand up 8 times in a day?


the only alternative is to piss off your S.O. by asking if they’ve seen it and then they’ll find it instantly


Or your dad, if you’re my kids.


You guys are hilarious! There’s no way I’m going to search for it. That watch is going to find me before I find it.

FlightyPenguin, avatar

And if it beeps on the same side no matter which way you’re facing, you might be wearing it.


i have a casio watch, but i cant wear it, because if i do i keep looking at time every few seconds

BigBlackCockroach, avatar

That’s a shame, cause that strikes me as exactly the person who would get the most use out of it.


time is most valuable when youre young as they say

NoSpiritAnimal, avatar

They’re like $20 bucks now but totally worth the extra cost.

Square Casios are immortal.


Square Casios are immortal.

I feel like I can’t be the only person who had the rubber wrist strap snap after only a few years. It was really annoying because I didn’t wear it that much. And a replacement strap cost nearly as much as a new watch.


Yeah, you’re definitely not. Those rubber wrist bands/straps gotta be the worst part of these things, regardless of brand.

Blue_Morpho, (edited )

The F91w: The Timepiece of Terrorism.


I couldn’t find one in store so the misses bought me one off ebay. It was fake and broke in the ocean.

Watch out. Plenty of fakes of a cheap watch out there.


this post reminded me of my old Casio that I forgot on a plane as a kid. left it in those pockets under the tray on the seat in front of you :(

so I’ve gone ahead and ordered a pink one! :D

BaroqueInMind avatar

Pink is a very good choice of color for that watch. I hope you enjoy it forever.


thank you. men around here always dress like they’re in a funeral during these winter months, so I’m trying to break the stigma and add a splash of colour


Just got my wife a pink one off eBay!


that’s a very thoughtful gift. i hope she enjoys it!


I gave my wife a really nice watch made out of wood, with an aquamarine watchface, for her birthday.
She had wanted that watch for a long time before we even met, but couldn’t afford it.
Now it’s gathering dust on her nightstand cause she’s afraid she’s gonna forget to take it off before showering, so she’s wearing my old f91w instead.

captain_aggravated, avatar

My favorite watch I’ve ever owned cost $7.

doublejay1999, avatar

Who has a Casio and knows the model number ?

NoSpiritAnimal, avatar

I’m wearing a DW-5600E right now, pleb


I just momentarily took mine off to check. GW-2310 here champ.




Autistic OP

DriftinGrifter, (edited )

Be me:little autistic maybe idk idc enjoying my day try to Start a fun Konversation in feddit sum ass falls me autistic

F u anon op was just trying to brighten up our day


Edit:nvm your controllers and keyboard are cool


92118515 knows.

OP is someone with eyes for details.


Every Casio user ever.

~Casio FX-85GT gang


Who doesn’t? I have a W-800H. And currently on my wrist is a Seiko 5206-6020

doublejay1999, avatar

Which Casio is a Seiko 5206-6020 ?


It’s written directly on the watch, so you see it every time you have a look at it.


I’m just not a fan of using digital watches, personally


Seiko 5 is the mechanical, analog equivalent. Cheap, simple, waterproof and indestructible.

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