why do you always play the good guy in video games where there are no consequences for your actions?

because my power fantasy is helping.

–some twitter screencap I’m having trouble finding

saltesc, (edited )

Mass Effect series choosing renegade options for Commander Shepard will sort them out. Everyone still likes you, they just think you’re a total fucking jerk. The majority of it is social choices and being a total fucking jerk to galactic arseholes balances it out.

“Hey, that’s Shepard! Didn’t they brutally kill that girl that showed remorse for betraying us?”

“Yeah, but he also told the council to fuck off and saved the galaxy.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”

Spoilers, but compilation:


I thought renegade was one of the coolest options. Instead of plain cartoonishly evil, you were just a bad boy douche bag lmao


To RP as Zaf Brannigan and Robocop at the same time. Anyone that ran a paragon playthrough missed out on an amazing experience.


I like to play as someone trying to do the right things most of the time, but… some motherfuckers need some extra brain ventilation. That boils down to mostly leaning towards Paragon, and also doing most of the renegade interrupts.


What I can’t stand is the chaotic stupid choices being your only option for evil. Offer an evil route but make it more interesting than playing a character with poor impulse control and access to infinite puppies.

reflex avatar

Offer an evil route but make it more interesting

And not just railroad you into being good.


Cough cough Baldur’s Gate 3… You either agree to help or aggro everyone.


If you’ve never tried it, the Wasteland series does evil very well. The game lets you go murder hobo, but that’s not the actual evil route. The evil route is very interesting, and while the options are morally grey there’s a clear good and bad choice


Wasteland 2 and 3 seem like a great deal of fun! The voice acting is campy and goofy in such an oddly nostalgic way, and it’s been far too long since I played socom. The original has fantastic charm and detail, but those menus…


In wastelands 3, it felt like the combat was really lobsided. If you got the first act on a turn, you destroy the enemies. Otherwise, you get your face bashed in.

I probably suck at the game, but it felt like that every encounter.



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  • RVGamer06,

    Satan wants to know your location


    Meet me at the door satan

    Kolanaki, avatar

    My first run isn’t really good or evil; it’s “how would I handle this if I was actually in this situation?”

    A good RPG will feel natural the whole way through and never make you feel like you had to pick an option you didn’t exactly want but was “close enough” to what you wanted. It is kind of weird, tho, how a couple older games (ahem Fallout 2 is one ahem) let you use this logic to actually break the game and end up with outcomes that are technically bugs; despite the fact that the logic used to end up there is completely sound and should have probably been accounted for in the writing.

    But the second time I’m a prick. It’s fun being evil. Or extremely stupid. Like a sub 3 int FO character annoying the shit out of Rocket Man Renesco. :3


    Me during Dark Urge run in BG3


    Could not progress with dark urge after my character killed the >!bard!<


    This is why I can’t do a renegade run in Mass Effect

    nyahlathotep, avatar

    The problem with renegade, at least in 1, is it mostly just means racist. Even if I want to enjoy being bad/evil, it doesn’t feel cool being racist

    anarchy79, avatar

    I’m playing Disco Elysium as a hardcore white supremacist. Why? Because fuck you game, you give me an obvious bad choice I’m taking it out of spite because I know you don’t want me to.

    What’s the point of moral choices when the invisible hand of the developers have already decided what’s “really” the right thing to do? That’s just dogma, you might as well have omitted it altogether.

    nyahlathotep, avatar

    Cool. I’m just saying I personally don’t enjoy playing racist characters. That’s too real to me to be fun evil. I want to play a cartoonishly evil person, not a realistically evil person. Otherwise I’ll stick to being a goody-two-shoes, thanks.

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