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Ok but why?


a little trolling

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Far too much effort for a “little” trolling


a substantial amount of trolling


We did too much trolling

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It’s not supposed to ‘make sense’ in the way you’re asking it to. You’re just over-analyzing. It’s just a simple (in concept) and fun idea that creates a fun/silly scenario to amuse someone.

Sometimes the simple fact that it does take a tremendous amount of effort to do is the best part. “Wait you did all this for a prank?! Respect to the commitment, crazy person, lol.”


It’s a shitpost on 4chan, don’t think too hard about it.


This happened to a guy who had learned Chinese and got hit by a car.…/id1456328599?i=10……/meet-the-guy-ben-mcmahon-who-woke-from…


This could be quite profitable if done right. Perhaps throw in a religious angle as well?


Ooh Jesus would have spoken Aramaic, so speaking that and saying you spent a thousand years with him could work!

Arabic for meering Muhammad

Or speaking Greek and saying you sailed down the river Styx.

So many good options!

PP_BOY_, avatar

Jesus would’ve spoken HWHAT? Jesus was a white man who spoke English!


How DARE you respond with something far funnier than what I said!

tryptaminev, avatar

Thats obviously wrong. The bible is written in German.


Are there many Aramaic discord servers?

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