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I put on my wizard robe.


and hat


Crowd fund this man a weekend in Amsterdam

starman2112, avatar

What happens to a NEET with no outdoors hobbies


Should have started looksmaxing.

The truth is girls have way more options than guys and girls aren’t going to choose the worst option.

But still 30 is still young. (I actually can’t believe how far away and old 30 once felt). But look after yourself and be nice to be around. Someone will touch your peepee.


The age of 30 is where you are in your physical, and mental prime. I would kill to be 30 again.

Aussiemandeus, avatar

Yeah I’m 30, strongest I’ve ever been in the gym.


Also 30, withering away, chronic incurable disease, disowned by family, homeless, broken shin, traumatised, living like Anne Frank. Hello from the otherside!

(Atleast the world is going to burn)


But also they need to personalitymax. Pretty don’t keep me company


dunno I’ve seen some visually mismatched (by social/tv media standards) couples. The fat white weeabo man with the cutesy japanese girlfriend exists, I’ve seen him and he’s huge yet somehow absolutely terrifyingly good at ddr/itg. The man defies gravity on those no bar cardio tracks. There are others too but this man is a legend at the arcade I frequented in highschool. Actually I’ve has suspicions that he is just fat looking, but actually rock solid if you were to poke his belly. In hindsight probably not the worst option…


There is maybe a subtle but big difference between being a fat slob and being powerful.

Big guys/ strong guys always seemed to be attractive at least to some people. Henry the 8th was big to look good. Apparently he was much slimmer as a youth.

But I’m not a woman and I have no first hand experience on being overweight so what do I know?


To be fair, Henry got brain damage from a jousting incident that destroyed any impulse control. And it helped that no one could tell him no if they wanted to live.


That’s interesting. I didn’t know that.


I cast self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy!


Plus 5 potion of Self Sabotage.


Are you implying it’s MY fault I never leave my apartment!?


Absolutely not. It’s probably the bad batch of reagents for alchemy that have been going around.


20 😞


I mean, you don’t have to become a wizard

<glances at Glock 19 on table>

starman2112, avatar

You’ll still turn 30, with the added benefit of not having a chance to not become a wizard


Never visited 4chan personally but this hits way close to home laughs nervously

starman2112, avatar

The only difference is that I thought I would care as I neared 30, but I really don’t. That adolescent pressure to lose your virginity kinda wears off unless you obsess over it


Honestly that’s the thing I’m afraid of the most. That I will stop wanting sex and just give up.

starman2112, (edited ) avatar

Why is wanting to have sex so important to you? Aside from being a societal norm, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to having sex


Sex is important to most organisms. I don’t think people want sex just because it’s a norm in society. I think they want it due to an instinctive desire. Just like people want to eat food and breathe air.

starman2112, avatar

Yeah, I worded my comment poorly. I can easily understand why someone would want to have sex. I just don’t understand why someone would be afraid of not wanting to have sex.


I guess it’s personal to different people. Some people don’t care about sex and that’s fine. Some people want sex, and as long as they do it in an ethical way (e.g. not sexually abusing anybody), that’s fine too.

If sex does matter to someone then they might not want to lose that part of themselves. Just like, if you have a certain hobby, you might think “I hope I maintain my interest in this hobby, because it’s a key part of who I am”.


Because they want to have sex, they just never learned how to get someone to want to have sex with them.

starman2112, avatar

Right, but like. Why is wanting to have sex so important?


Because when having it with someone who you really dig, and they dig you, it’s absolutely fucking incredible.


I’m not very sensitive to my feelings, this my entire life I relied on my smarts to figure things out. And now that I think about it bit more indepth, sex itself is not as important to me.

I’m a romantic type, I want to love someone and maybe hopefully be loved too. Now, here’s my rambling: the sex part probably comes in a strong desire to have children that I noticed I have, and a want for emotional bonding.

I’m not exactly 100% sure on this self analysis, but judging by a gut feeling when I imagine those things happening, I’d say thats probably the closest thing to reality.


You sound like a reasonable dude. So long as you’re doing stuff for fun that requires other people and being in person, nigh on guaranteed you’ll run into someone who wants to hang out with you and is basically the same.

People wind up sleeping together at some point.

Just mix. Your people are hiding in the same places you are.


Thank you for these words, I really appreciate that.

captainlezbian, (edited )

Idk but if it was a felony to get laid I still would. Probably a biological desire or something.

Like, it’s valuable to deconstruct the social aspect of it, but also people had to go to the Supreme Court for the right to get laid in my country so there’s definitely more than just a social aspect.

The issue is that barring external factors you still have to actually get someone to want to fuck you to have sex with them and that’s the hard part for many of these folks. And I get that that sucks

starman2112, avatar

I get that. I just think that the idea that not wanting to have sex scares ma1w4re is strange.


That makes sense. I guess I just assumed he meant it as a “some dreams are met with acceptance of the fact that they’ll never happen” way. Like being ok with the fact that you’ll never be famous or learning to stop wanting parental love. Not asexuality, but complacency and acceptance.


That hyper sex drive doesn’t lessen until you’re 40.


Lie down with the dogs, wake up with fleas.


Instead of laughing he should have learned from their warnings.

Get a blue robe with stars on them. That is what all the fancy wizards wear.


"I put on my robe and wizard hat"

SturgiesYrFase, avatar

I get that reference!

MeDuViNoX, avatar



I love casting spellz

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