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AnneBoleynTudor, in Anon’s father is a bigot

Exactly why I never came out to my parents. I think they knew, since my stepfather would semi regularly tell me that if I came out as gay he would kick me out of the house.

Jokes on him, he’s dead now and I’m still bisexual.


He didn’t say he’d kick you out for coming out as Bi though. Legal loophole.


I was given a very specific (but non-inclusive) list of people I was not allowed to bring home. That included any and all women, naturally, but also included any and all men of any colour darker than germanic-european-white, and indeed any men of a religion other than young-earth-creationists.

Breaking any of these rules while still living in the house would have meant my expulsion from the house. I’d like to say my mom wouldn’t have allowed him to kick me out but I really don’t know.


Always found it offputting how often I hear about people's step parents being somehow worse than their biological parent, and their biological parent being totally cool with it.

Not saying that's your situation. Just something I thought about. Like my friend growing up had a cool mom and dad, but his step dad was the biggest asshole ever. And his mom was totally cool with it. Guy tried to break my ps3 cause we were playing COD and he had an unspoken rule of no M rated games in the house. And all the times he called me homophobic slurs, even though I'm not gay. His mom was great though, so it made no sense.


Well the man is the head of the house, you see. So what he says goes. Even if what he says involves lifetime psychological damage!

To be somewhat fair to my mother, most of the worst stuff he ever said to me was when she wasn’t around. To this day I don’t know if she knew a lot of it. At the time he assured me that was he said came from both of them, and since I’d never seen her stand up to him for us, I had no reason to doubt it.


Kinda surprised by my stepmom being more trans-friendly than my mom. Like my stepmom is more overtly racist. Both of them are lesbians so no issues with homophobia at least.


Such a weird thing to say. You can be the gayest gaylorld, but don't let me find out.


Conservative rural Christianity. It’s fine to be gay as long as no one ever knows about it.

radix, avatar

Turn it off, like a light switch

There, it’s gone

My hetero side just won

I’m all better now

Boys should be with girls, that’s Heavenly Father’s plan

So if you ever feel you’d rather be with a man,

Turn it off!

“Well, I think it’s okay that you’re having gay thoughts, just so long as you never act on them”

No, 'cause then you’re just keeping it down

Like a dimmer switch on low, thinking nobody needs to know

But that’s not true!

Being gay is bad but lying is worse

So just realize you have a curable curse,

And turn it off!


Absolutely chilling. The best kind of comedy.


Once saw something saying that all of the Christian “it’s fine if you want to choose to be gay, just don’t do it in my face” rhetoric is code for:

“you should be ashamed of being gay, because bring gay is a sin. You should commit sin hidden behind closed doors just like we do, when our priests grope children and husbands cheat on their wives.”

BackOnMyBS, avatar

I’m straight, but I’m pretty sure my uncle and sister think I’m gay since I argue against their homophobia, got close to my openly gay cousin, and value “feminine” traits. I never try to insist I’m straight to them either. They can think what they want, regardless of the consequences. I’m not going to be a prisoner of their self-righteous, narcissistic stupidity.


My parents thought/think I’m gay because I’ve never had a girlfriend.

doublejay1999, in Anon plays L4D2

Anon has a talent for satire

NAK, in Anon curbs her enthusiasm

It’s because you didn’t out smart her, you out asshole’d her.


It’s a pretty good come back though.


Nah she deserves it. OP can’t do much about the speech impediment… but the sister should have been careful


Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.


Something about people living in glass houses not throwing stones


One thing I’ve learned through personal experience, is that being the bigger asshole just makes everyone hate you, even if you’re justified in your actions. It’s not fair, but it is what it is.

SpicyPeaSoup avatar

Is it wrong to be an asshole to an asshole now?


Socially? Yeah. More generally? Probably still yeah, but you'd at least have more people shrugging and saying "yeah, that tracks".

bob_lemon, in Anon has a tech problem

This was already asked, please use the search function.

I’ll go ahead and lock this thread.






Well, you could’ve just done a Google search.


Just read the wiki!


And the last post about it was 10 years ago, no information anywhere in sight about the actual problem, and DenverCoder9 just left the topic with a simple “oh I figured it out” WHAT DID YOU SEE?!


And hours before me, too!

Gonna be honest, I didn’t even check the comments, I was browsing in the car before work.

xantoxis, in Anon remembers a series of unfortunate events

The Slovakian guy didn’t clue them in that he was speaking a real language.

He gave the hospital cover to pretend they didn’t know the whole time. Cover to pretend it wasn’t just cruelty for its own sake, perpetrated by bigots decades ago and continued by hospital administrators and staff who knew that if they didn’t look the other way, they’d lose their jobs. Sure, probably nobody there knew Hungarian, but they’ve heard of other fucking languages. Jesus people are the worst.

TonyTonyChopper, avatar

gonna be honest I have no idea what Hungarian sounds like

flying_sheep, avatar

The Finno-Ugric language family is distinct from other European languages.

erogenouswarzone, in Anon plays L4D2 avatar

Come gather round the stump young’ns, and I’ll tell you a tale of when video games didn’t need to be connected to the Internet.


This hits different after my disappointment of payday 3…

Thordros, avatar

But how did you get your DLC, grandpa? Or the day one patch??

erogenouswarzone, (edited ) avatar

Well, back in 19 and dickaty-2 there was whisperings of a movie tie-in. The money spent, well I won’t bore you with that, wouldn’t mean much these days. But let’s say it was epic - do people still say that? Boy, they used to.

Anyway, they rushed to production and built a million billion cartridges. Do you know what those are? These little black boxes that had the whole video game on these massive chips. Of course they were small in those days.

So they send it to market and it doesn’t work. So then nobody bought it. And did you know, they buried all those cartridges way out in the desert some where, and that’s where the aurora borealis comes from - the sky used all those chips to paint pretty pictures. And the video game industry began a bloodless vendetta that’s still around today, to make up for that blunder by making as much money as possible, even if the game’s not worth it.


Damn this brings me back to a time period when DLC was first becoming popular and replacing expansion packs as a concept but it wasn’t a given that everyone had internet access yet so you could go down to gamestop and buy your $20 horse armor DLC for Oblivion


And their monetization ended completely when the cashier handed you a receipt.


God bless Larian and Baldur’s Gate 3, the lone bastion in a sea of AAA microtransactions and early access skin-stores.

uphillbothways, in Anon plays “Pumped Up Kicks”
uphillbothways avatar

This is the future republicans want.

Caligvla, avatar

That’s the present you Americans already have.


Don’t be silly. No republican likes this song.

glibg10b, in Anon loves someone else

Why can’t I see the first letter of each line?




Why is your comment blank?


My password is JohnCena1

wallmenis, avatar

Never seen a blank password work.


Not technically blank - but “1” as a password is highly unsecured

BrerChicken, in Anon feels the void

Stuff doesn’t make us happy, people do. It’s always been like that. If we spend less time with people, in person, we will be less happy.


Some stuff makes me happy. Specific stuff. Not just random stuff tho.


Depends on the people and the context. You could live surrounded by people every day and be completely miserable.


You’re right, it’s not just “people.” What I mean is we need to focus more on our relationships, and on being around the people that make us happy, and less on the things we think will make us happy.

MentalEdge, avatar

Also nature. It’s clinically proven that living your life surrounded by barren concrete fucks you up.

People like having pets and growing houseplants, just cuz, and both have been shown to do a lot of good, mentally. But we really should be bringing nature into our cities much more than we do right now.


I live near seattle. A friend who grew up in texas visited recently and he was shocked at how many trees were around in the city, and at how clean the air felt

MentalEdge, avatar

Pictures of Houston seem surreal to me.


But investors like shiny glass and concrete!

Aside from worsening the mental state by deprivation of nature, it also is more vulnerable to flashfloods, the heat is much worse in summer and the air quality is worse all year round.

MentalEdge, avatar

Yeah. It’s insane how much more tolerable the climate in a park can be, even if less than a block away, its heat hell.


People are the best and worst part of existence


If you got the right people, you can min max the experience


And if you have the wrong people, you can max min the experience.

Echolot, in Anon feels the void

Anon is missing purpose


A lot of us are. It’s hard to invent your own purpose. Was probably easier when purpose was thrust upon you (grow or find food or you’ll die). I’m not saying life was better in the past. We live in fantastic times but it comes with different challenges. Finding purpose in life is a very real and difficult challenge.

guyrocket, in Anon grows stronger
guyrocket avatar

This hits home with me. I have been much happier since I removed and reduced the time I spend with assholes. Better to be alone than shit on nonstop.


The worst part is the way it shapes you. Abuse wheedles its way into your soul as you learn to deal with it. It’s parasitic. Hurt people hurt people.

Anamana, in Anon grows stronger

So simple yet so hard

tacosanonymous, in Anon is completely sane

Who fucking gets bullied in college?


People who didn’t get bullied enough in high school and are usually outspoken libertarians.


Outspoken libertarians aren’t going to be bullied in college - outspoken anything in college generally leads to people ignoring you. College students that think they’re being bullied most likely attribute normal behavior to bullying - just like incels treat normal human interactions as impediments to getting laid.

Adramis, (edited )

College students that think they’re being bullied most likely attribute normal behavior to bullying

This. The specific problem my alma mater ran into was all the conservative students saying they were getting bullied, and when asked how they were bullied, the response was basically “People disagreed with me and now they don’t want to hang out with me!”

Sometimes I wonder if they’d actually been bullied, if their tune would’ve been different…

StorminNorman, (edited )

Your first sentence is somewhat correct, I’d argue that dealing with any kind of absolute like you have done is incredibly dumb though. Of course being outspoken can get you bullied. It may be less likely in a university/college setting, but it’s definitely gonna happen. And your second second sentence is so wrong it’s almost comical. Bullying at a tertiary education level is so common that I guarantee there’s a bunch of studies done on it and probably a wiki page for it too.

Edit: lol, yep, shit loads of studies (and there’s plenty more to be found than just these few), and the wiki exists.


Assholes who become tabacco peddlers.


Who still buys tobacco?


Why are you asking me?

Rezbit, avatar

Fine then, keep your secrets


It’s rhetorical, it just seemed to fit well with your question


The poor (statistically)


interesting & weird since tobacco is exhorbitantly expensive. How can poor people afford it?


They take on more crushing debt, steal, beg, lie.

Look at the stats on smoking and income in Canadian provinces. The two are like inverse of each other.


Maybe you swapped the cause and effect. Instead of “How do poor people smoke” you could ask “Why are smokers poor”.

And then you’ve already answered your question


One problem causes the other until it’s impossible to determine which problem came first. It’s a snake eating its own tail.


Members of the LGBT+ community, for one. People who are neurodivergent commonly face bullying as well.


Honestly though, you’re right.

And this thread is nuts with the victim blaming. Like holy shit, society really does deserve its problems.


Every time I look at the comments for one of these posts, that’s what’s going on at the top. I can usually see where people are coming from even if it sounds insane but I don’t know what this community’s problem is. Maybe a coping strategy from being bullied themselves? It could make them feel like they were in control of it. I’ve seen that from victims of trauma before.vThat’s all I’ve got for theories.


I guess I just went to a really chill college?

All 4 years of my undergrad my best friend and roommate was a trans woman, we regularly hosted parties where most attendees were members (or even e-board members of) the pride club, i have severe ADHD and many of my closest friends are varying flavors of autistic. As a matter of fact I am still to this day part of a weekly DnD campaign with several of those dick heads.

All that is to say I have a pretty good idea what my college’s culture was like for LGBT and neuro divergent people. Probably the most common point of conversation whenever high-school came up was that college was so so so much better about bullying.

I think the only person i know of who got bullied by any stretch of the imagination, was one guy that people just actively avoided because he fucking sucked. Like real piece of shit energy radiating from this guy, and he smelled like 4 year old bottled up farts.


Kids are mean (yes you are still kid when you’re an undergrad)


Genuine answer: annoying people who inject themselves into social circles in which they’re unwelcome. And, no, I’m not defending bullying. I’m just explaining how it happens.


Also the idiot with samurai swords on the wall and a lack of good hygiene skills.


They just hang out with the other comp-sci students.


The other comp-sci students are the one bullying him because they don’t want him around, either.


Humorously enough, it wasn’t comp-sci for me. They were generally the cool tech bros, with some nerdy exceptions. The true neck-beards were a certain subset of physics students. They literally left keyboards greasy when they used the community computers. A friend who was in the higher classes told me classes usually had a couple feet section left blank around them because of the smell.


Yeah… This maybe isn’t the nicest way to phrase it, but I’ve seen similar situations. Usually people are just kind of talking behind people’s backs, but sometimes it gets nasty :(. Frankly people kind of get bullied all the time everywhere. It’s maybe not as violent as playground bullying but people will be shitty to people at work, school, whatever. Do your best not to be a part of it, try to be self aware if you might hurt somebody else’s feelings, and try to stand up for people.


Or just go postal, that tends to end the cycle.

CausticFlames, in anon is a, uh *checks notes* confederate boymoder

What the fuck does any of this even mean


You’re better off not knowing.


I did some googling and it seems like “yankee” and “dixie” were nicknames of the sides in the American civil war. A plush IKEA shark is involved somehow too.


The op seems to be portraying a fictional FtM character in an anachronistic US civil war.

velox_vulnus, (edited )

Indian (South Asian) lad here, I don’t know most of the references, but I came across some clues while researching. All of this is with reference to the USA.

Boymoder is basically a “he”, who’s transitioned to a “she”, but is pretending to be a “he” again, by wearing baggy clothes and cutting hair.

Sweet tea is a Southern state specialty?

Plantation is a slavery reference - black slaves were transported from Africa and made to work in inhumane conditions. USA has a still-active, 200 year old separatist movement - the flag you see behind resembles the confederates - but it’s theme was modified to make it similar to the trans flag. The confederates are the Southern (South and South Eastern, to be exact) states that wanted to keep slavery, so they were willing to break away. There was also a civil war back then. The confederate states are also called red states in general, I guess? But red states are where Republicans are voted, so that is probably an incorrect definition.

Yankee is probably a Dutch derogatory word for American of British ethnicity, something about calling them pirates or vagabond, I don’t know.

Blahaj is a shark plushie sold by Ikea, also popular within the American trans community for reasons unknown.

Dixie, more precisely Dixieland is probably a derogatory word for southern states. Dixie is also an anthem for the confederate states?

Dixie blahaj probably means a dixie-themed blahaj, and yankee blahaj means similar stuff for the yankee one. Kind of like how communist-themed blahaj will have the sickle and hammer, and the Russian fur-hat with a star on it.

Anon’s fantasy is about a timeline where the civil war has happened during the present times. With technology as well as bonded slavery.

The rest of it is multiple sexual fantasies about:

  • getting non-consensually snu-snued by the soldiers and being treated like a objectified woman, while pretending to be ignorant about them being trans - almost as if they pass like a real woman
  • the act of them torturing anon to get out of their tomboyish behavior and to behave more like a stereotypical submissive conservative girl
  • all the soldiers declaring them as their wife - something about polyandry
  • more aggressive, unsafe snu-snu (that’s what the word breed means in urban dictionary) and more weird sexual fetish, because Anon insulted the Union soldiers

I’m traumatized. Sorry that I made you read this.


I am now also traumatized and left with more questions than I thought possible

Thank you.


I’m both impressed and concerned at the level of detail you supplied here, but…thank you? For some of the context


As an American, you just gave a better context for the stuff I did understand than most Americans could.

The colors weren’t red and blue back then, they were Navy Blue (North) and Grey (South). While it’s true that most of the south was predominantly Democrat back then, the events leading up to and including the Southern Strategy in the mid to late 20th century, cause the Republicans to stop being the progressive party, and become the fascist party. The Democrat didn’t really move much to the left during that whole mess. That is why you’ll see the southern states being referred to as red states today, because they are gerrymandered to guarantee Republican victories.


That is why you’ll see the southern states being referred to as red states today, because they are gerrymandered to guarantee Republican victories.

WTF?!? No!

The maps presented on election night had pseudo random colors. One color for Democrats, one for Republicans, and a third for other parties. These tended to change with TV network and election year.

In 2000, the election went on and on and on due to the tight results. In that year the Republicans were assigned Red and the Democrats blue on many networks. Things were contentious.

From that point on those colors were then used as shorthand for areas that voted for Republicans or Democrats. Things continues to present and Republicans tend to wear red, and Democrats blue.

Publishing this and going to find a source.

Edit source:…/when-republicans-were-blue-a…

Actually a great read.

tacosanonymous, in Anon loses his v card

Hey babe, new infectious disease just dropped.

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