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GOS: Steel City Announce Drop-Off Points For Their Baphomet Bags Campaign (

GOS: Steel City recently announced the launch of their ‘Baphomet Bags’ campaign to help their unhoused neighbours in the Pittsburgh area offering ways to donate money or through Amazon Lists. They have now announced the location of physical drop-off points should people want to donate pre-owned items....

GOS: Steel City Launch Their Baphomet Bags Campaign (

"Steel City’s current Unholy Philanthropic venture is an assembly and face to face distribution of “Baphomet Bags” Pittsburgh is currently facing a notable increase in homelessness. We are working to help our unhoused neighbors by collecting a variety of sustainable essentials and distributing them directly to those in...

GOS: Steel City, Our First USA Order, Launch Their Dedicated Web Presence (

You may recall that in November last year we were delighted to announce the induction of our newest Order formed of members from the Pittsburgh area, USA. After a hectic few months of dedicated hard work by them, they’ve now announced their official web presence and social media accounts. They have also grown quite a lot too...

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