I don’t know if anybody knows this, but Nintendo’s aggressive tirade on emulators and fangames is a symptom of Japan’s strict copyright laws, given that it’s a Japanese company and one of those that follow it to its words.


That’s why Sega was so notorious for shutting down fan projects as well in the past (they have since softened their stance however, provided projects are non-commercial), although I don’t think it’s the entire story. Sony lost against the groundbreaking Bleem! emulator back in the PS1 days and I’m not aware of them being litigious in this regard since.

SimplyTadpole, avatar

I’m so mad that Citra was also killed because of this. This means that 3DS emulation is effectively dead, since the next best emulator, Panda3DS, can’t run most games…


Get a copy of it now. There may not be more development on it, but you’ll be able to keep playing the games that work already on it

SimplyTadpole, avatar

I already had it installed via Flathub, hopefully it won’t somehow uninstall itself 😅 (Or that I ever need to wipe my system…)


Is there any repository that was saved of the latest build? It was pulled off flathub and github…

SimplyTadpole, avatar

Not that I know of :c If anyone knows, I’d like to know.


I wanted to see the case on court tho

Endorkend avatar

Considering they were making enough to agree to pay 2.4 million to Nintendo, they were making bank of the emulator.

If it went to court, this would've been much much higher.


i havent read the documents but i assume this would be in japanese courts, where it pretty much a guaranteed loss on yuzu’s part.


It is actually in the US court. The documents are quite interesting to read.


there could have been a chance then. no shame on the devs though. that is a costly battle to fight.

Uvine_Umbra, (edited )

Fucking hell… Makes sense though, they earned 30k a year, 200k ain’t enough to challenge the bankroll potential of Nintendo.

this is beyond awful, especially to us with broken switches who want to play the games we own in these times, and everyone who can’t/ won’t afford their shit.

This is the bullshit that deserves shouting and death threats, not people making a subpar decision for a game or a bad one.

QuestioningEspecialy avatar

This is the bullshit that deserves shouting and death threats



This is the first mention I’ve seen of Citra also shutting down…


Same team


Well this isn’t the news I wanted to hear from this…


This sucks hard. They likely knew they could not overcome Nintendo’s infinite money for legal proceedings, and if they lost they could have been on the hook for far more than this settlement amount.

The upside is this has no legal impact, but the downside is they were the best-positioned group to take this to trial.

Now Nintendo is going to start going after the smaller guys, who definitely can’t afford to fight.

bekopharm, avatar

@t3rmit3 @chloyster The message is clear: Do not touch anything Nintendo.

For me that includes games as well. Greedy §$"%!$


Yep, I’m not getting any Nintendo systems or games, but I will continue to enjoy fan-made ROM-hack games, played on emulators. :)

Nintendon’t get any more of my money.

SnotFlickerman, avatar

Now Nintendo is going to start going after the smaller guys, who definitely can’t afford to fight.

The plus side is Ryujinx is Free Open Source Software so a million forks can begun being made right now. Yuzu had closed source aspects, which was its downfall in replication from this point forward. Ryujinx will likely have thousands of clone repositories made after today alone.


Speaking of, here’s a full backup of the Ryujinx repo, including commit history.

t3rmit3, (edited )

People need to make sure they pull the code off of github and put it up on other sites, preferably private repos. Github has already dealt with other ‘banned’ projects by going through all forks and even re-uploads of them and cleaning house.

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