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A thousand bugs? Wtf

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I had at least 999 of them. Thank God for this patch.



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    Please, be(e) nice when you are using Beehaw.


    The worst bug I’ve found is where the UI will disappear for a single character in the middle of battle, and it seems to be triggered by leaving part of your party out of the battle and having them join during someone else’s turn? It happened to me twice, and saving+reloading fixed it every time.

    Also, they’re killing some fun bugs, like the mundane chest making everything you put in it weight less.


    I was hoping they’d retrospectively fix the issue with Cerys getting killed when defending the grove from the goblin attack, but looks like they only patched out the possibility of it happening. Looks like I’m still soft locked out of fully completing that particular mission.


    Made minor GPU time improvements on the Vulkan renderer.

    Confirming: Vulkan performance is a little better in this build.


    LOL they didn’t patch “owlbear from the top rope” exploit. Love it

    Kolanaki, avatar

    You can do that in the PnP game. I better be able to do it in a computer game that uses the PnP rules!


    I was so happy that I could twin spell Ice Knife.


    Read a story about a shifter druid (3.5e) that jumped off a cliff and transformed into a whale.

    Landed on an orc village killing all inhabitants.

    Cleverly cheesing the rules is a feature, not a bug.

    Also the peasant rail gun cones to mind, lol.


    Pretty sure the official rules have killed off the idea of the peasant rail gun. Now a barb raging before impact to halve falling damage, or doing the same thing with a Moon druid in 5e, that’s just exploiting the rules.


    Cleverly cheesing rules is up to the game master’s discretion, while transforming into a whale sounds like a very reasonable, if overpowered, interaction, the peasant rail gun wouldn’t fly in most campaigns. Not that it makes it any less hilarious.

    Kolanaki, avatar

    I had a DM that wouldn’t let me use 2 Immovable Rods as monkey bars to cross a chasm.

    I don’t play with that loser anymore.


    Fixed the dialogue flow when dating Minthara.

    Regarding this one, boy am I curious if I'm just irrevocably screwed, having progressed to act 3 before this fix was implemented. I mean, have I now missed content in this line that I'll no longer be able to access?

    whysofurious, (edited )

    I’m wondering the same, I tried different stuff to see if I could get more dialogues, but apparently if there’s anything new I’m screwed. A shame because a big part of my RP in act 1/2 was based on the relationship with Minthara, sigh.


    No mention of the broken edge scrolling 😔


    Wonder if any of this fixes the ancient forge bugging out after 1 craft.

    emptyother, avatar

    You can’t get the lava to empty? It only empties in turn-based for some reason, so just switch to turn-based and do nothing for 2-3 rounds.


    My save corrupted so I started again, and had read about the turn based. It worked but I had made the wrong item, so reloaded and tried again but that only worked once.

    I put the mould in, then ore, and then pull lever to go down. When it bugs out the hammer comes down but the platform doesn’t drop. Save/reload, restarting program, traveling out and back, and coming back later in the story don’t make a difference - I can eject the mould and drop the hammer, or put 2nd ore in if it bugged out on the first, but it’s just permanently stuck.


    I was able to make more than one item. How did it bug for you?

    (Oh I did have to feather fall down because the platform lowers if that’s the issue)


    I put the mould in, then ore, and then pull lever to go down. When it bugs out the hammer comes down but the platform doesn’t drop. Save/reload, restarting program, traveling out and back, and coming back later in the story don’t make a difference - I can eject the mould and drop the hammer, or put 2nd ore in if it bugged out on the first, but it’s just permanently stuck.

    I have used the door spell to pop down and hit the button. Sometimes the platform will go down, sometimes not. After it’s bugged even getting the platform down doesn’t help - the lava wheel is stuck and never fills the platform, and dropping the hammer doesn’t make an item.


    If the hammer dropping doesn't cause the platform to drop, have you tried the lever at the bottom? That one drops the platform, so you could try using it first, and then going through the forging process as usual.
    If it's any consolation, it doesn't take that long for you to get comparable gear elsewhere.


    Yeah I moved on, still annoying though :)



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  • ursakhiin,

    The Internet lied. I’ve been told to stop talking by the Internet because I experienced them.

    That said. Still a great game for those that like the play style.


    Well a few but it’s actually operational and didn’t require a patch be downloaded on day 1



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  • andrai,

    Most of that number comes from some visual glitches or other minor stuff you might not even notice if you encounter it.

    You can read through the entire list and it’s mostly stuff like “fixed random skeleton dropping unspoiled food instead of rotten food”


    In the AAA game space, yeah, that’s pretty standard fair. I bet you not a single game has launched, well polished or otherwise, that didn’t squash upwards of 1000 bugs in the first few months. 


    You’ve never seen my code


    Nobody has said that outside of some random comment but okay


    I’m sure no one told you that

    CarlsIII, (edited )


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  • Lowbird,

    For even the buggiest of games, there will always be a subset of day 1 purchasers who buy the game and play it for hours and truly don’t experience any bugs out of sheer luck.


    BG3 actually has micro transactions

    No it doesn’t. There was a preorder bonus that was free if you preordered. If you didn’t, and you want the art and music, then it’s $10.

    Dalek_Thal, avatar

    Not remotely microtransactions at all. The purchase you’re referring to is the deluxe edition upgrade, which came free to anyone who played the game during the beta, and costs $10 USD for:

    • The Soundtrack
    • An Artbook
    • An ingame dice skin
    • Some completely cosmetic items that are outclassed by literally every other thing in the game.

    Honestly? To call this a microtransaction is making a pretty big and unjustified claim. This is a bonus to chuck the devs a little extra money for the soundtrack and artbook. The additional stuff is moreso a bonus for purchasing the first two. By comparison, CoD charges $18USD for a gun skin.


    I’ve read your other comments. There aren’t microtransactions from what I can see, and you’re just here to be a contrarian. It isn’t working.


    Yeah honestly I’ve been really confused by the claims about how bug free this game is.

    It might be because I’m playing in split screen mostly, but my wife and I rarely go a session without a pretty major bug and a whole lot of minor ones

    Don’t get me wrong, we both love the game and the bugs are totally worth putting up with, but the claims of it being super stable are a bit odd to us

    Kir, avatar

    I’ve encountered a few bugs, but not so many honestly. Nothing compared to cyberpunk, for example, which was a real mess at launch.

    Faydaikin, avatar

    I honestly haven’t seen anyone write about ‘how bug free’ the games is.

    Most of the praise I see usually revolves around it being a complete game, a big game, nonexistent microtransactions, the characters, the story, the freedom, even how pretty it is. But not that it’s bug free.

    Because it’s definitely not without bugs. Hell, there’s a lot of small details that could do with tune-up. And some got addressed in this patch. And I’m looking forward to Patch 2 as it’s supposed to improve load-time, which would be very nice indeed.


    I’m not sure where you’re reading that because literally every review makes at least some mention to the occasional bugs/jank they’ve encountered but that it’s hardly enough to spoil the game.



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  • acastcandream,

    I think with people mean is “real bugs.” The bugs the game has are very expected and, by all accounts, not game breaking. Meanwhile AAA studios drop content at launch, charge for everything after you’ve bought it, and have game breaking bugs that force you to restart regularly or sometimes ruin your games. I mean come on, look what happened with. Halo: Infinite and Redfall. It wasn’t goofy animations and such.

    No game is truly “bug free.” It’s a catchall term to say “I can play this game from start to finish without any particularly memorable issues.”


    There was a bug where save files were not saved anywhere, even on the pc, after too many choices. It got patched, but steam sync seemed to be the issue.



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  • Nalivai,

    That’s considered incredibly rare

    VulKendov, avatar

    Obviously not, if you finish the whole game in one sitting you’ll never notice /s

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Unfortunately still no fix for enemies shoving characters to instadeath. Absolutely ruins many fights and forces a bunch of reloads.

    MonsieurHedge avatar

    Don't stand next to the death pit.

    emptyother, avatar

    May not seem possible when the encounter takes you into a dialog next to the death pit so that you are pushed off on the first round of combat before you are even allowed a turn.

    But a tip to those with that problem: While one character is in dialog, theres a button left bottom of the screen to switch character. You can switch out and position the rest of the team somewhere better.

    I love this game.


    It’s D&D. I never say this but I think in this case you should probably just get good.


    If it’s happening that often, that’s absolutely a positioning problem.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    No, it’s not DnD.

    In the DnD rules Shove requires a full action, not a bonus action, and only pushes the enemy 5ft, not 15-20ft.


    @ag_roberston_author @Bakwerk Is DnD even DnD since 4E?

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    I never thought I’d see the day there was 4E purists.

    Like 3.5E and OSR purists I kinda get, but 4E?


    I think it’s likely that they meant 4e was the change that made it not D&D. That said, time has dulled the shock, and honestly, 4e had a lot of great shit in it.


    @ag_roberston_author What I mean is it hasn't been the same since 4E was wrought upon us.

    I'm a 3.5E schlub.


    In 5E’s defense, I’ve been playing since AD&D, and I’ve never had as many sessions, with so many people, and had so much fun, since 5e. 5E made D&D accessible, and that’s a good enough reason for me to DM with it.


    @nxdefiant Hear you loud and clear: I should get with the times, or at least be open to it.

    I was so hurt by 4E, but I gotta move on.


    Oh don’t let me discourage you! I still play 3.5 with some friends who just prefer it. To each according to their need!

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Ah, gotcha. That makes much more sense haha.

    ampersandrew avatar

    I haven't started playing yet, but this sounds like the solution is to not position your party near instadeath falls.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Unfortunately for quite a few of the fights it’s not possible due to the shove distances being 6+ metres, when in regular DnD the shove (which is an action not a bonus action) is only 5ft.

    acastcandream, (edited )

    Shove absolutely does not move you 6+ meters.

    Edit: shove is 1.5m with higher strength increasing it to a maximum of 4m.


    Usually happens because people will set caster STR to 8.


    I play a sorcerer gnome with STR 8 and I have never been shoved 6m lol


    Yeah I've had this happen and it's def not a bug lol. I laugh when I forget it can happen


    Trying to be spoiler free

    There is at least one fight where it starts after a cut scene so you do not have an opportunity to adjust position. The character who started the scene gets placed such that they are easy to push and instakill. There are multiple enemies that have the opportunity to do so. If you don’t have a good initiative/athletics you’re pretty boned. It feels really cheap.

    ampersandrew avatar

    That does sound cheap. Is it listed in this tome of patch notes as something they addressed?

    kogasa, avatar

    Assuming you mean a boss at the end of act 2 / beginning of act 3, Balthazar

    I got pushed off the ledge a few times. What worked for me was, while the first character was stuck in dialogue, the rest of my party would sneak in and position advantageously before starting the fight mid-dialogue on my own terms. It was indeed bullshit, but not nearly as bullshit as me reloading for 20 mins convincing a boss to kill themselves, so I think the game and I can call it even.

    I also completed a few tough early fights with 2 mage hands and a cliff, so really, I’m pro-shoving all the way.


    That fight gave me so much trouble. Every single try at least one of my party members was shoved into the abyss and in 20 tries or so not a single one resisted the shove. In the end I did everything I could to nuke the boss, ignoring everything else and then with my last party member I went invisible, jumped to a safe spot and killed everything else with a bow.


    Not the one I was thinking.

    spoilerI was talking about the boat trip in the underdark. My main character is a rogue and depending on the dialog choices the enemy seems to just goes first. The first time I got to it, my rogue and mage were both pushed overboard before I even got a tern. I got around it by having a tanky fighter activate the boat so she was the one in the conversation and resisted the shove. It’s not horrible, but it felt really cheap.


    Not really a bug imo. There’s only been 1 fight where I did a reload due to losing a party member from shoving. Most fights it can be avoided and is part of the fun of combat.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    I would not describe it as a fun part of combat at all.

    It completely breaks the balance when you and your enemies can instakill enemies on one strength save that pushes characters 6+ metres to their deaths with a bonus action. In DnD rules, the shove is an action and moves character 5ft, one square.

    It completely breaks the balance when you can use a single strength check to essentially get the same benefit as the 5th level spell telekinesis (only accessible by level 9 spellcasters), or a grapple and throw check (requiring two actions).

    Poggervania avatar

    Counterpoint: maybe don’t position yourself near an instant death chasm? Or invest more into Athletics/Acrobatics?

    Even if we take away Shove, the issue is still present with Thunderclap - make a single DC save from a 1st-level spell or be pushed into an instant death chasm.


    Thunderclap requires a spell slot and isn’t a bonus action. Part of the problem is that every enemy gets to do their full attack, and then go ahead and try a shove just to see if it works for funsies.

    If shoves work to the way that they do in d&d, then an enemy going for a shove and failing would mean that they had done nothing on their turn and that you would be net-positive on the round. That doesn’t happen in this game because they get to have their cake and eat it too by getting to make an attack and a shove in the same turn.


    I would say an enemy shoves one of my characters every seven or eight fights. It’s pretty uncommon.


    People literally beeline my casters and shove them every fight that I don’t stack them behind front-liners. Maybe it’s a difficulty thing?

    It’s also super fight-dependent because the only reason to use shove is if you can push someone into something. If it’s just a fight in an open field there’s no use.

    Though it is a super easy way to just try to get away free from a AoO from a melee person in range. The action economy is supposed to be “if I don’t want to take an AoO and can’t teleport, then I have to Disengage and that’s my action”, but now they can try a shove for “free” and if it works they can move freely and still attack.

    Poggervania avatar

    Ah, I see. Yeah, Shove being a bonus action is a bit ridiculous - it should’ve been an action from the start since it’s an insanely easy get-out-of-jail-free card. Honestly wouldn’t mind a book implementation of 5e Shove being a normal action, and then just have the game’s current Shove be a “Forceful Shove” or something that takes up both normal and bonus actions.

    That being said, the problem the other dude brings up is basically solved with trying to stay in a better position. If you’re gonna fight near a chasm or a very high-up walkway, you should expect to get shoved or pushed off somehow.


    The problem is a matter of numbers. If every enemy is trying to shove me off a cliff, they shouldn’t also be able to do damage.

    Regardless of that though, your last sentence seems to be implying that the player should have just not positioned themselves that way, but I regret to inform you that there are a lot of fights where you don’t control everyone on your side. I save-scummed a fight three times because my ally spent his first turn every single time running straight into combat and standing on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by lava.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    That’s a great comparison because thunderclap is more difficult to use than the shove, first being a spell save and second being a full action.

    Plenty of fights where it is unavoidable, but as I mentioned in the previous comment, it’s completely different to how it works in DnD and makes some fights a joke if you push an enemy to their death or just causes frustration if one of your spellcasters is shoved to death on the first turn.

    Basically turns most fights in areas with chasms into shoving matches which means you ignore the actual mechanics of the fight to just shove and avoid being shoved. It’s sucks.

    Poggervania avatar

    Yeah, totally glossed over the bit where you were focusing on Shove being a bonus action and causing some wacky balance. Thought it was moreso the fact that it’s even a mechanic in the first place.

    I mean, while it was hilarious I could shove all three bosses in the Goblin Camp into chasms before they aggro’d me, it is broken in that A) you can shove non-hostile NPCs indefinitely with no repercussions, and B) you can do a full attack and always Shove in a single turn, which has huge benefits for characters with high STR.


    You can revivify party members who fell into chasms by using the scroll/spell on their “soul orb,” which should appear somewhere in the area. Granted, it may be far enough away that you need to survive the fight first.


    Death is inconsequential for your party. Withers or scroll of revivify solves 99% of your problems. If it’s that important to never die than just save scum because your enjoyment is the most important factor when deciding how to play a game.

    No matter what you do, the point is getting insta-gibbed is not some common thing and is easily fixable.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Yeah, obviously, it’s just an aspect of the game that really sucks. Every enemy and character should not have a bonus action that is better than spells requiring a spell slot and action. Reduces the uniqueness of the spells and reduces fights in chasm areas to who can push who off a ledge the fastest.

    Worst of all, it’s not even remotely similar to the DnD rules for shoving, which requires a full action, instead of a bonus action, and only pushes 5ft, not the 15-20ft shoves in BG3.

    acastcandream, (edited )


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  • ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Nope. Not exaggerating at all.

    Lae’zel can regularly push enemies 15-20ft, as can any other character with 18-20 STR.

    If you’ve GM’d plenty of 5E, then you know that the rules in 5E are as I said in the previous comment: “requires a full action … and only pushes 5ft”, which is much more balanced and rewards positioning in fights, not completely broken like it is in BG3.


    I play an Oathbreaker Paladin and I have never had this problem. Usually, I’m the one shoving things to their death if I absolutely must.
    So, your positioning needs reconsidering, or you need to use your tank/STR character to force an opening so you can relocate. OR you’re just really unlucky.
    From my perspective, if you’re falling to your death that much, it’s more likely you either like standing on cliffs or you’re trying to make excessive use of High Ground attack bonus, which IMO isn’t enough to justify me wasting a move turn repositioning and setting myself up for a potential fall.
    By all accounts, this is not a bug, nor is it a problem if you adapt your strategy to prevent such a thing.

    ag_roberston_author, avatar

    Two words: Balthazar fight.



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  • ag_roberston_author, avatar

    No need to be so rude.


    Oh come on

    admin, avatar

    When you applied to have a Beehaw account you agreed to be(e) nice. Take three days off to think about that.


    The patch reads like a short novel


    How come this game has over 1000 bugs (I’d imagine minor bugs?)


    Well, if you’re talking about the ones in the list, it doesn’t. They’re fixed. :)


    It’s a big complex game this is nothing out of the ordinary

    brihuang95, avatar

    and considering that it’s not a huge game studio, minor bugs like this were kind of expected


    Larian is actually a pretty large studio at this point.


    The more freedom and content you have in a game, the more surface for bugs.


    Yup. There is a lot different objects and effects that can interact with each other in unique ways. It's only expected that there will be a lot of edge cases.


    Yes,minor spoiler but I was made smelly at one point, I was curious so used a thing of water to make everything wet, this stopped the effect. Probably could have gone through a river too. That made me curious there was a bad substance on the ground, I shattered water again and it made it passable. Now this sounds simple but I’m programming terms it’s the same action interacting that changes different systems (in place hazard and character modifier). That alone could create small bugs when interacting with different modifiers, items and NPCs. For the most part someone wouldn’t run into a quarter of the bugs they post (even a quarter is high) but someone will and it’s awesome they are being patched.

    Personally I’ve played about 20 hours since release, the only bug I had was when I was playing on hotfix 4 before they fixed that hotfix. It sounds worse than it was, since it was a compiler issue. I’m sure others aren’t as lucky but even 10000 bugs isn’t bad when it’s a rare and edge cases. But with probability you get more players (and this game seemed to sell very well) and the weird bugs that even beta testers didn’t find will come up.


    Not just games, but any kind of software. That’s part of why programmers developing tools for themselves avoid writing interactive programs if they can, and they especially avoid graphical interfaces.


    Tell me about it, I’m a backend developer. If I write something, it’s going to be accessible via an HTTP request or CLI lol

    Now I’ve also been given a project that’s got backend and frontend code all mangled together (Electron client with local API because reasons) and my first order of business is to see if they’ll let me hire a good frontend dev to help me decouple everything so I can go back to doing zero UI work.


    Its a slightly janky game with a huge scope. Makes sense that they had a lot of fixes left from pre release sprints.

    Most ive run into was some t-poses here and there and camera wonkyness. There were some issues with save games too from what i remember


    1000 bugs isn’t that big, especially when it’s the same bug surfacing in different ways or bugs you either barely notice or look past (but do notice, eg an alignment issue on the ui)


    A game like this will never be as polished as a sad dad Sony game and I’m 100% okay with that. These big systems driven games will always have bugs.

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