The great part about Lemmy is I’m pretty sure we can even edit titles after they’ve been made. So no need to resubmit

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I only joined the mag as a mod 2 weeks ago but i havent seen too many clickbaity titles. Got rid of 1 anyway. I try not to post it if its like that and I post the full body description.


Mods vote no! Reason #4 will shock you!!

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Got examples? I feel like there were a handful of users submitting the offending articles, probably a site that user is affiliated with, and because the moderators had no rules against it, I just ended up having to block those users. I'm not seeing a lot of clickbait, personally.


It should also require a summary in the body of the post.

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This would also be helpful


It’s automated copy and paste generated titles from the article, nothing clickbait


You can actually change the title when you post a link from a site though.

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Who has time for that?


People who want to serve their audience.


lol no one is claiming the users are turning it into clickbait.

Almost all clickbait titles are written by the website it's posted on. And 99.9999% of titles of an article about a game that don't include the name of the game are clickbait.

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Seems a bit subjective and could be abused.

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I feel like it doesn't take much effort to rephrase a title so that it gets to the point of the article.

So instead of titles like "This classic gem title is being added to Nintendo Switch Online", you'd instead title it "Jet Force Gemini has been added to NSO"


Literally this lol

KyoStarr, (edited )
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I believe I commented on your PS+ post recently. Looking into your posting history, you share quite a bit of articles by a Marc Burnett from a website called https://www.gamingarcade.co.uk/home/.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it makes it appear like you're promoting your own work.

If that is the case, I suggest writing less clickbaity titles on your website if you're going to rely on the automated post title system here.


Wait are you talking about having the reposters rename the articles? Thats totally abusable because everyones opinion on that isn't going to always mesh.

You'd have people calling completely legitimate titles clickbait. The best practice is to just use the article title or not post the article.

While sure, it works for the very specific one you chose (removing the mystery out of a title), it wouldn't work in cases where the author's opinion was positive on something, but the reposters's opinion was negative.

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Agreed. And if you want to "get to the meat" of the article, make a comment or edit the subheading with that meat.

Title: This classic gem title is being added to Nintendo Switch Online

OP comment: Its Jet Force Gemini.


That is absolutely not an acceptable title for a post. It's egregious clickbait.

This classic gem title [Jet Force Gemini] is being added to Nintendo Switch Online

Is fine. Leaving the title as is should be one warning then a ban.

HarkMahlberg, (edited )
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Calm down. I'm literally using OP's example to illustrate my point.

Also, a ban? Lmao. This was literally a rule on both /r/news and /r/games to prevent people from editorializing titles.


Yes, a ban. Clickbait titles are not, under any circumstances, acceptable behavior. Without a correctly descriptive title, literally everything becomes spam. There is no level of quality that can offset it.

If you add the "keep the original title" rule, then it should be unacceptable to post that article (even though I gave an easy example of how to fix it without changing anything). The publication having a clickbait title does not ever make you sharing that title OK.

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For links to articles, you can rename the title

Obviously in the case of opinion articles/reviews etc, posting the titles as is would be fine. I think for news articles, it is not difficult to just properly re-title a news article.

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The decision the mods are going to take will leave you speechless.

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Bots hate these 5 moderator tricks


5 hacks to block click baits

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