Merry Christmas


If someone could be so kind as to explain, what does this mean for a normie such as myself? Will this lead to cool mods I could install?

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If it includes GTA Online, it means that mode may actually be preserved now instead of disappearing when it stops making money.

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Could also lead to more improvements to the game. A few years ago there was a guy who looked into why the game took so damn long to load. He looked into it and found the devs programmed it to use only one core. And the devs felt no need to change it for over 6 years. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are other problems the devs chose to ignore because they weren’t bad enough.


A few years ago there was a guy who looked into why the game took so damn long to load

A good read, for anyone who missed it: https://nee.lv/2021/02/28/How-I-cut-GTA-Online-loading-times-by-70/


IIRC rockstar actually took his fix and applied it to the official release.. but I could be misremembering..


There's an update at the bottom of the post. They did, amazingly had released a patch within 3 weeks, and even awarded the author a $10k bug bounty.

Gotta say too, in this day and age of those things usually going colossally the other way - of "we're suing you for 'hacking' our software" - it's actually refreshing to see a company behaving this way.


I want to save this comment for later but I couldn't find a "save comment" button so I just respond.

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