Here's the list because fk those websites that put 10 Games on 4 pages because that way they can shove more ads down your throat.

rcoelho14 avatar

Thank you for your service! (I was too lazy, sorry ahaha)

Poopfeast420 avatar

Ah yes, those sleeper hits, that got extended trailers on the biggest shows. These are truly hidden gems, that nobody heard of.

I know most people don't actually watch the showcases, but calling them "sleeper" just seems dumb. Might as well put Starfield on that list.

Squid777 avatar

Foamstars has me interested, though I really doubt it'll run well on PS4 which means I'll have to skip cause there's no way I'm paying for a console with less than 5 original true exclusives.


Really looking forward to Viewfinder and Cocoon.


squirrel with a gun isn't on the list because there is no way we are sleeping on it.

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