Oh wow it has eye tracking! I have high hopes for that feature.

But what I really want is to see and use my keyboard in VR and have an optimized desktop environment to pull up some text or document website quickly. I felt a bit trapped the last time I used VR and had to refer to documentations.

Veraxus avatar

Yes, please!

PSVR2 is a great headset, and I would love to free it from the shackles of PS5 exclusivity. If they officially supported PC, it would easily be the best PCVR headset you can get right now.


Would be cool if you could use it with the index controllers.

@TeaHands@lemmy.world avatar

I’m still using the v1 headset but have to admit this would probably tip me over into upgrading.


This is great timing because Microsoft is killing support for my Windows Mixed Reality headset. Ironically, Sony will have better PC VR support than Microsoft.


Microsoft is going to be the new Google when it comes to abandoning projects. I'm upset that my headset will soon be a paper weight.

I can even still use my original ancient vive just fine but rip my G2.


My Samsung Odessy + has been going strong for 3 years now, feeling like a new headset when i upgraded 6 CPU generations and a couple GPU generations. I bet it could get maxed out even further with even better hardware, but NOPE.

thudge_mcgerk avatar

I recall it being said before the device came out that it wouldn't be compatible with PC. How the worm turns.

wrath_of_grunge avatar

that's because it wasn't. it still isn't. the best hardware in the world won't do anything for you if there's no software to use it. with the iVRy dev working on this, and with Sony's announcement, they probably realized it was a inevitability for someone to crack the software problem.

no one ever said it couldn't be done.


no one ever said it couldn’t be done

I mean, when it was released, pretty much so everyone DID say that it couldn’t be done. Or at least that it would be extremely difficult without official support. It kinda looks like that’s the case.


If they do this, I will buy a headset.


What’s so great about the headset? I’m not much into VR so I don’t have the knowledge to know why this news is so exciting?


For me, I mostly want to play VR games on my PS5, but I also want to play Half Life Alyx. So this ist hopefully a way to do this.

Also this headset is quite nice with an ok price.


A major option for PC VR are Windows Mixed Reality headsets. They are all wired with inside out tracking. Microsoft recently announced WMR is going to be depreciated, and the next version of Windows won’t have WMR available. This means sooner than later, all of us with WMR will need to “upgrade”. And by upgrading, it means looking into either the aging Index, older Vives, a Meta Quest headset (which has its own compatibility quirks), or a bigscreen beyond.

PSVR2 is the logical upgrade path for those of us without base station tracking and don’t mind the cord.


Thanks for the reply. Those headsets will be paperweights after MWR is deprecated? There’s no alternative support for them?


I could be wrong, but I believe WMR requires the WMR Portal app and the WMR For Steam VR (from steam) to function properly. I think there has been SOME progress made with unofficial support, mainly driven by the Linux crowd where they dont work at all, but not anything resembling a functional replacement.


I doubt Sony is making much, if anything, on psvr2. It’s a really high value device for the price.you can pay a lot more and get less.

So it’s hard to see a world where this happens. What’s the end result here? Sony loses game sales, and valve gets a free extra bump.

@Zehzin@lemmy.world avatar

I’m guessing they want to cut their losses and release the few games they made for it on PC

@Dindonmasker@sh.itjust.works avatar

That’d be dope!

Flaky, (edited )
@Flaky@iusearchlinux.fyi avatar

I am going to temper my expectations a bit, since the article is specifically singling out their clause on accessing additional games. But at the same time, I am huffing the hopium since Sony has upstreamed PlayStation controller drivers to the Linux kernel, so they might be receptive to supporting SteamVR, Steam Link or something equivalent, if possible. (No, before you ask, I’m not expecting Linux support on PSVR2.)


Oh wow. Well now I know which vr headset I will buy!

@Paranomaly@sh.itjust.works avatar

The biggest thing holding me back from getting one has been the console lock. I have a PS5 but would want to use it on PC more. I’ve thought about saving for an Index but know that the moment I buy one is the moment they announce Index 2

@bjoern_tantau@swg-empire.de avatar

Well, hurry up and buy one. People have been waiting for an Index 2 for years!


I’ve thought about saving for an Index but know that the moment I buy one is the moment they announce Index 2

I thought about this too in the last few days, but the index is pretty old now and I wish it had inside-out tracking.


I got one last year and have no regrets about it. It’s still the best value overall for the money, with the wide FOV that’s better than most competitors’ headsets, and the best controllers around for VR. I wish it was wireless, but the cord is a minor hassle overall and allows me to make use of my powerful desktop GPU


The Index’s lighthouse tracking was actually a selling point for me. My first VR experience was a Quest 2 and I was surprised at how often my hands lost tracking; playing Alyx and trying to grab ammo was incredibly frustrating.

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