The “What Happened?” episode for this game is going to be juicy as fuck. I gotta imagine Matt is already working on the script.

@T0RB1T@sh.itjust.works avatar

Mr. McMuscles always seems to get his hands on the most interesting details. I look forward to every release he makes.


Matt McMuscles is one of those rare examples of an independent “Internet journalist” who actually does real fucking journalism. Like, the dude puts in a fuck ton of work cultivating sources, digging up the story, putting all the pieces together. Actual proper investigative journalism.

And then he presents it all as a cartoon skeleton.

Truly we are in the weirdest timeline.

@hal_5700X@lemmy.world avatar

This game doesn’t have soul.

@Leate_Wonceslace@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Even if it did everyone is playing Palworld.

@umbrella@lemmy.ml avatar

I dont mind, tired of the same superhero stuff over and over.

Veraxus avatar

Always online, live service, Denuvo, and characters that are not remotely faithful to their source material abilities...?

Hard pass four times over.


You forgot that the gameplay is also shit

Veraxus avatar

And that. The list of "nopes" is so long I missed the most obvious one!


Is this day 1 before or after they recalled the game due to game breaking bugs?


That recall happened for the “beta” I believe


Not really the beta, the idiots who paid 100 bucks to play early

@chemical_cutthroat@lemmy.world avatar

Maybe if they put real effort into these fucking things. It’s not like the genre is dead, the Spider-Man games show you can make excellent third person superhero brawlers. It’s because they make these soulless cash grabs with questionable writing and abysmal DLC.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Well the painful kicker here is that this is by Rocksteady. The guys who made the amazing Arkham games. They threw away their roots for this. Like wtf are they doing??

@chemical_cutthroat@lemmy.world avatar

Exactly. They really laid the modern groundwork on what this genre is, but instead of getting out of the hole they buried themselves in the foundation.


Suicide. Rocksteady is committing suicide.


I guarantee like none of the people responsible for making the Arkham games what they were were still working at the company when Suicide Squad started development.


Exactly. Rocksteady was bought by WB. Therefore, it no longer exists, except as a name.

Companies don’t die. They just get bought and disappear into the corporate blob of flesh.

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