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You beautiful twat. ♥️

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Thanks mate.


Something something streisand effect


Here’s another mirror, if that helps in any way:

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How to play on desktop Linux:

  • Add the game as a non-Steam game within Steam
  • Install Glorious Eggroll and set it as the compatibility tool in the game's properties
  • On first launch it will prompt to install .NET 6.0 - go ahead and download it to the same directory
  • Open the game's properties in Steam and change the path to the .NET installer then run and install it
  • Change the path back to the game's EXE and it will play

Doing the Lord’s work 🙏


I haven’t paid for a Nintendo game in a decade and never will again. Easily the biggest scumbags in the game and there’s tough competition out there.

I’m going to play on Ryujinx even harder now you fucks.


Lol. I too will play on my steamdeck… even though i actually do own the switch remake which means I’m not technically pirating it


Yeah dude, totally pirate that free fan game. You go gurl


Piracy isn’t relevant here. This is a fan-created work of art, and free for anyone who wants to play it. Nothing was “stolen”, and Nintendo is, as always, being a bunch of corpo fucktards.


Something was stolen - they were giving out copies of Link’s Awakening, not just the enhancements they made but the game and art content of the original game, which is Nintendo’s IP so it is piracy (not to dispute the rest of what you’re saying necessarily though). Projects normally get around this by releasing the fan enhancements as a patch that can be applied to a ROM, shifting the piracy from the project to the end user.


Wouldn’t it be nice if they would just pull a valve and allow these developers to come aboard and develop stuff for them? It’s free money.


They don’t want to water down their brand.


“water down the brand”


They’re a toy company first and foremost. They don’t think about games like other devs do.

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I had no idea this was even a thing but now I’m going to download it on principle.


“you-know-which-site” has already archived the page. I love that site.


First rule of Game Club: We do not talk about fan-made games.

Second rule of Game Club: We DO NOT talk about fan-made games.


This needs to be more widely known, because it seems everyone who makes a fan game talks about it.

But I get it. If I worked really hard on something like this I’d want to tell everyone too.


Unless it was updated from yesterday, it’s really cool and also kind of a let down. I like it and will finish it.

There’s no way to exit the game. That’s baffling.
The textures are nintendos. They are Not HD whatsoever. Each pallet is like 240 across.

That’s basically the only bad things. There are soft shadows and some very faint light effects. Being able to zoom the camera is very very cool.

What I really like about it is everything still functions as rooms/screens. Enemies won’t leave their screen, but it works great. You would think it would janky. Somehow it keeps the charm of the game intact.

Also, full 360 movement with dpad and joystick.

Definitely worth it if you like the good Zelda games.


If windows, just alt f4 to exit, if linux, run it from a terminal, alt tab back to terminal and kill it to close the game?

Also it wouldnt be too hard these days to run the textures through an ai upscaler, just have to find someone with a powerful enough rig and enough spare time to do it.


Honestly, these days you don’t even need a particularly powerful rig. Just time and effort, really.


The effort could easily be just the macros to proc the lot via AI.


True, though if I were to do it, I’d want to vet/guide the process to get good results. Either way though, it’s certainly doable.


Checked out some threads about it and it seems to have a fair number of bugs. It’s still a ridiculous effort for, what I assume to have been, one person.


Oh definitely, it’s impressive.
I’m hoping someone uses it for something new.


I don’t know much about Link’s Awakening DX HD. But I’m curious about three things:

  • Did Link’s Awakening DX HD have a price on or was it a free or pay-what-you-want thing?
  • Did they distribute assets from Link’s Awakening along with the engine, or was it just the engine with a tool to extract the assets from a Link’s Awakening ROM?
  • Is Link’s Awakening DX HD open source?

It was a free download.

Yes, it contained original assets. No extract and mod.

No open source that I know of, but maybe I missed it. Apparently I missed it!

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I think it was open source at some point,


Cool! I don’t think that was on the itch page. Good to know maybe we’ll get updates.

edit: nice, we can compile ourselves if they update it

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The author released 1.0 so I think he pretty much finished it up before releasing the timebomb, which was smart. And yeah I know the 1.0 naming convention doesn’t really mean anything but I think he is implying that this was his full more polished release. He must of known this was coming everyone did.


Yeah, he had to know. Nice that he provided a short term full package release.


The source is included with the download. Idk what you guys are so confused for.

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Huh, I haven’t unzipped it yet but thanks for pointing it out.


At least you guys didn’t jump to conclusions or anything before even looking…

TootSweet, (edited )

Thanks for the answers!

Too bad it was never open sourced. Seems like someone could have stripped out the assets, made a tool to extract assets from the ROM, and the result wouldn’t infringe.

Maybe the author would be willing to open source the engine with no assets now. We can hope, I guess.

Just seems like it wouldn’t have taken that much more work to make it less likely to be taken down by threats from Nintendo.

Edit: I wrote this response before I saw @nanoUFO’s response about it having been open source.

Edit2: I just realized the GitHub repo doesn’t indicate what license that code is under. So, not FOSS and it’s unclear what’s legal to do with that code.


Actually check nanoUFO’s reply to me, someone forked it so the source is available and can be compiled.


All it needed was an hour.



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