• No shitty P2W mechanic bullshit.
  • Full game on release.
  • no always online requirement.
  • not completely unplayable at launch tripple A title.
  • content amount is worth its purchase value.
  • community mod support, which drives improvements and long term playability.
  • Development transparency on what the game is and where its headed.

Does it have bugs, of course, nothings perfect.

Can’t say too many games on the scale of BG3 came out this year that can check as many boxes. It takes GotY for me as well personally.


I also really like these things. I read the article, and I got the sense that their rationalization for picking BG3 as GOTY was based exclusively on the actual game design, and before I say anything else, I agree that the design is fantastic. But, I would love to see Larian get more credit for the transparency during development, their commitment to delivering an experience of the highest quality, and the fairness and respect they give to their player base.

Whether or not a person likes games like BG3 or thinks it deserves GOTY, this stuff alone should be the bar for all games, not the scummy greedy practices we’ve become so used to seeing. Thank you Larian Studios!


Why am I not surprised? Probably because Larian absolutely deserves it.

JackOfAllTraits, (edited )
@JackOfAllTraits@lemmy.world avatar

What’s with the comments? BG3 is a breathtaking game.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

It’s depressingly common for some folks to crap on things when they get too popular. As they say, haters gonna hate.


Sometimes people just have differing opinions. But you’re also right.


I don’t get why this game is so popular. I’ve had a lot of gameplay issues that disrupted the flow of combat when I tried it out a couple weeks ago. Furthermore, it’s unplayable without a full party, as there is no lone wolf mode as in Dininity Original Sin.

@DmMacniel@feddit.de avatar

So have a party then?


Interesting. Then how do all of those lonewolf playthrough videos get made when I search Balders gate 3 lonewolf?


By “lone wolf” I meant the character skill that doubles action points and grants some other bonuses so you can play alone with some advantage. Using one character in the 5e setting of this game makes the combat brutally difficult. Skill issue on my side I guess.

@teft@startrek.website avatar

Play as a gloomstalker assassin fighter 5/5/2.

You can solo the game with that build easily.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a shot.

WeLoveCastingSpellz, (edited )

if you want to play with no companions I don’t think you get what this game is and is definetly not for you

@nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works avatar

How original


I think their decision with the pick is game that had the biggest impact and was talked about the best, not the best gameplay imho


Only because bg3 blows everything else out of the water


What was your game of the year?

@nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works avatar

Probably one of the indie game gems released this year. HROT, Dave the diver, Pizza tower, Trepang2, Battlebit, Warhammer 40k botgun, Prodeus, Zortch, Mosa lina etc…


So you like clones of 90s games lmao, that’s cool ill try a couple of those out but like a doom clone lile hrot is not goty2023.

@nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works avatar

I mean what isn’t a clone of something though up over 2 decades ago. Baldur’s gate was originally released in the late 90’s. Maybe it isn’t for you, but I’m not you :)


I don’t think any award in any field is supposed to be “original”. No game released the last ~5 years comes anywhere close to what Larian achieved. Why would anyone comment negatively on them getting an award for that?

@nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works avatar

Yeah true, I guess I’m more against the whole phallus waggling contest especially from publications that will just say whatevers the most popular game won game of the year. It’s uninspired and I can’t derive any new recommendations from it.


Isn’t that kind of the definition of “game of the year”? It’s not meant to recommend games, it’s meant to recognize games.

@nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works avatar

If you asked people they would say a variety of games, ask publications and it’s basically just one game. Yeah it’s good but real people would have preferences and thus diversity in opinions.


Sure, but it seems like you’re expecting a diversity of opinions from a single entity. They’re going to pick the most popular game, that’s how these things work.

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