Cool, I'll buy it once it comes to GOG.


Patient gamers win again!

stopthatgirl7 avatar

Oh, yay! I’m definitely looking forward to this.

sadbehr, avatar

It’s so good! The story is just, ugh, so good it’ll stick with me forever.



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  • Estiar,

    I though that was revealed in the first game



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  • TeryVeneno,

    Because people value narratives and stories. Those experiences make them feel all sorts of emotions during the gameplay. You’re not saving anyone time or money because they didn’t get those emotions or the experience. I play games for all of that, if you can’t provide step aside.


    lol you can chop any story down to a handful of waypoints, but like you said, why?

    The story is how you get there. It's the characters you get to know along the way. In Forbidden West specifically, Aloy understanding the technology to some reasonable level and trying to navigate a superstitious primitive culture is a compelling dynamic that's written well and really well acted. I'm not that deep with it yet, but the character is compelling out of the gate.

    NOT_RICK, avatar

    Nobody asked and if anyone cared to find out, Google exists

    stopthatgirl7 avatar

    But it’s a spoiler for the first game, and most likely anyone interested in Forbidden West already played Zero Dawn, so what’s the point of this?


    Your spoiler tag isn’t working. If you actually cared, please fix it.

    stopthatgirl7 avatar

    The spoiler tag works on kbin.

    I think the problem is that the two sites use different tags for spoilers. He’s tagged it properly for kbin, but it will show up on lemmy. Same way for when people use lemmy spoiler tags, folks on kbin see the spoiler.


    That does seem like an unfortunate side effect of federation. If only there were some way this could be handled, perhaps a protocol defining how communication should work, and maybe they could call it ActivityPub.


    Oh interesting, that seems like a pretty bad problem that should be sorted out. Seems like fhe spoiler tag is effectively useless if it just doesn’t work for half of us.

    stopthatgirl7 avatar

    It’s one thing I really wish were unified across the Lemmy and Kbin, for obvious reasons.


    People who post the term “techbro” on to a server they don’t understand from a device they probably don’t understand is always kind of funny to me.


    Cool way to get blocked, dick.

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