Infinite Craft, an endless crafting game, is out.

Attention: This game does not have a save feature, but people on Hacker News have already found a way to save their progress.

Export the items to a json string:

console.log(JSON.stringify({discoveries: window.$nuxt.$root.$children[2].$children[0].$children[0]._data.discoveries, elements:window.$nuxt.$root.$children[2].$children[0].$children[0]._data.elements}))

Load the items from a json string:


window.$nuxt.$root.$children[2].$children[0].$children[0]._data.elements = a.elements; window.$nuxt.$root.$children[2].$children[0].$children[0]._data.discoveries = a.discoveries;


I don't know what it is, but I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

If you combine Cthulhu with nearly anything, only Cthulhu remains, but if you combine Cthulhu with King Kong, you get Cthulhu Kong.

ShadowFox, avatar

Neat. kinda reminds me of little alchemy

pruwybn, avatar

America + Oil = War

I saw it coming but it still made me laugh.


Chicken Soup for the Soul + China = Chicken Soup For The Soul


Chicken Soup For The Soul + Mystery = Chicken Soup For The Soul: Mystery

I guess I should have seen that coming.

owenfromcanada, avatar

Dysfunctional + Hippie = Hipster

Brilliant, no notes


Managed to crash it when trying to combine Snowglobe and Snow globe.

iAvicenna, (edited )

sandman + sandwoman = sandkids


iAvicenna, (edited )

ah man this llm is gold

vampire + zombie = zompire

superman + dracula = batman (guess makes sense…)

superman + thor = superthor

superman + superthor = supermanthor (the ultimate superhero?)

And my ultimate creation:

Super Justice Phoenix League


Oh yeah, I’ve spent too much time on that site playing the password game! That guy is a genius!

JK_Flip_Flop, (edited )

I’ve managed to create marijuana and bong after five minutes of messing with it. Perfect game.

Edit: I’m really narrowing in on this niche: Stoner + Couch = Pothead

Matty_r, avatar

I’m on Firefox on android and it doesn’t seem to work :(


It works fine for me in Fennec on Android


Works for me. Android Firefox.

Matty_r, avatar

Its working now. Strange. Ah well, very cool.


Dark + Night is one of my current faves.


I feel like I met some recursive endgame boss… I made a penguapplepenguinpenguapplepenguapplepenguin partially from pineapples and penguins and something else I spam combined

i_ben_fine, avatar

Does the unlabeled galaxy emoji combine with anything?

i_ben_fine, avatar

Also, what does it mean that wedding + punch = bride?


It’s using an LLM in the background, don’t look too hard into it.


Domestic violence

atocci avatar

No I think it's bugged. My best guess is some kind of AI is creating the crafting results, so it must be returning an invalid result.


It is, it’s using a llama model in the API. If you watch the network tab you can see the calls it makes and modify them yourself, they’re simple get requests. It’s kinda fun to pick random words and see what the LLM comes up with.


Ahh this makes sense. That’s how I managed to get two separate Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, Anakin Skywalker, Luke, and Luke Skywalker in the same game.

atocci, (edited )
atocci avatar

Rainbow Road + Mario Kart = Death
Electric car + fire = Tesla

My favorite creation so far has been "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass Wave 4"


How the hell do you even get that far?

atocci avatar

I'm not even sure, the chain of crafting I had to go through was so long I couldn't tell you what I did. I gave it another go later on and only managed to create "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass". To make things more difficult, results that are too long can't be combined with anything else, so you have to create those long results all at once from very specific shorter ingredient words.

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