DeArrow - A Browser Extension that removes clickbait titles and thumbnails

The creators of SponsorBlock did it again, now we can crowdsource better titles and thumbnails as well. I just tried it with LinusTechTips who is a worst offender when it comes to clickbait and its really great.

Compare without DeArrow
and with the extension

bionicjoey, (edited )

This made me realize how much I hate the YouTube metagame.

It would be awesome if this could be ported to ReVanced


I’m loving this and have contributed a bunch already, but one problem I’m noticing is people labeling things “reviews” on videos that are definitely not reviews, like impressions videos or unboxings.


Any plans for Safari?


Yes, I hope to have it up in a few weeks


I’ve been using it for a few days. Some occasional loading delays but it’s been great. Thanks!

Kissaki, (edited )

I don't see where I can submit titles on a video page?

For SponsorBlock there's a button in the video player toolbar.

The demo video shows a button on the video description title. But I don't see one (on a video that has no DeArrow data yet).

Are submissions not open yet?

/edit: Since my comment I've seen it on video pages a while later. Dunno if it was a technical issue, delay, account moderation, or video / channel specific or what.


This extension is free, forever, for anyone who installs it during the beta. Yes, that means there will be a paywall for new users only in the future, but I promise that there will still be a way to for people to get free access. Of course the extension will always remain fully open source, with a publicly downloadable database, just like SponsorBlock.

I'm a bit confused what this means / will mean. A paywall but also still alternative free access?


Where are you quoting this from? I could not find any information about a paywall.


mh, I can't find it anymore either. Pretty sure it was on the website, on the main or about page. I was on various other pages looking for contribution info too though. Maybe it changed? Maybe it's now considered t obe out of beta?


I'm seeing it right now on the extension's welcoming page right after install


Yes, I also found it here. I have asked the developers for clarification.

Spiritreader avatar

That seems cool. I'll definitely try that out, thanks for sharing!

Already using sponsor block and that saved me quite a bit of time!


I've already noticed a couple videos where the corrected title made me more interested in the video than the clickbait title. Hope this extension takes off!


That’s how it is most of the time for me. I unsubbed from LTT because their clickbaity videos made it hard for me to see what I’m interested in. With this extension I might actually start watching their stuff again.


Honestly I’d probably be the type to be like “yeah I hate click bait!” Download this, and then stop watching videos entirely because they all look really boring

SexualPolytope, avatar

That’s a win if you ask me.


I really like this, and I will probably use it, but I hate clickbate thumbnails with a passion and avoid them as much as I can.



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  • Thorny_Thicket,

    There’s unfortunelately a good reason for them to keep doing it; it works


    Exactly. I watch a lot of YouTubers who don’t really like having to make clickbait, but it’s the algorithm that promotes it, so they need to conform to what works.


    It seems no matter how many channels I block there's always more annoying eyesore thumbnails, so this is fantastic.


    Feels like we're back on youtube in its early form, more organic. great idea i'm downloading it

    Powderhorn, avatar

    Holy shit! This is amazing! But how will I ever know what's REALLY IMPORTANT without ALL CAPS and a shitton of BANGS?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    st3ph3n avatar

    Don't forget the USELESS FUCKING ARROWS.

    Powderhorn, avatar

    Unless it's pointing to a red circle.

    Holzkohlen, (edited )

    After Mastodon and Lemmy I think need a federated youtube alternative now too. Yes, I know PeerTube exists, I just need it to get a nice boost in attention just like the other got.


    Video hosting is way more resource intensive (and therefore expensive) than text and even the most image filled of Lemmy communities


    I know. They use peer-to-peer, hence the name PeerTube, that means while you are watching a video, you also upload that video for others to see. Granted the concept falls flat with so little users as there is never another person watching the exact same video at the exact same point it time, but in theory it should scale up.
    I think we could also have a standalone desktop application to watch and seed. In the browser you stop seeding as soon as you close the tab, but with the desktop application you could allow for further seeding. People who want to keep the platform alive could practically donate their upstream traffic. I would.
    I wish people would use it more cause I like the concept a lot.


    The concept still works with almost no users. If you're the only one watching a video, the original host is more than capable of serving it to you and so no need for extra peers ;).

    Being able to handle a small amount of users isn't the problem, it's once a lot of users suddenly join in that the system would collapse without the peer functionality.

    Also, peer tube is not fully decentralized. All videos need to be stored on an instance (similar to torrent seedboxes) so there will always be at least one direct source available. So I don't think that standalone app as you describe is needed. (That would be interesting though in a fully decentralized model, without any instances but all videos just floating between peers. But that would have the danger of creating dead videos similar to dead torrents)


    I assume that in the short term transcoding is also going to become an issue. Most fedi servers are being hosted on cloud providers like Hetzner, DO, Linode, etc. who do not have any kind of encoding hardware, and modern codecs like VP9 or god forbid AV1 are horribly slow to encode without HW acceleration.

    I know there are several platforms that do offer it (Amazon and Google do AFAIK) but those can still get pretty expensive, and there is a sizeable chunk of people here who may not want their content to reach Amazon or Google.

    Eigengrau avatar

    Hope Newpipe Sponsorblock adds this ❗

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