The Future is Now Old Man - Ukrainian MSD-5 Proposed for Antidrone Use

This is the MSD-5, a small, hand-held shotgun-like device which has been suggested as an anti-drone weapon.

In recent weeks a number of Ukrainian social media accounts have shared the idea of using the MSD-5 as a short-range defence against diving FPV [first person view] drones.

the MSD-5 and is manufactured by Stellarium SV, a company based in Chernihiv, in northern Ukraine.

Sergey Flash (a Ukrainian serviceman and communication specialist) posted a video discussing the need for an immediate defence against FPVs and held up an MSD-5 describing it as “a possible way of protection”

Stellarium SV’s website explains that rather than being a weapon it is primarily sold as a signalling device with five different 12×88 cartridges available, two signalling cartridge types, a noise cartridge for scaring off animals, a cartridge which can extinguish flames and one for spraying plants to treat and protect them from various types of pests and diseases.

The device has 5 tubes or barrels and is electrically fired. It appears to have a cross bolt safety in front of the grip, below the exposed trigger. It weighs 800g and is powered by three CR123A batteries…

Armourer’s Bench Video: [4:37]

WeirdGoesPro, avatar

How does this thing not shatter hands with recoil?

FireTower, avatar

They use low pressure 12g rounds. If you watch the video it seems to be very mild.

WeirdGoesPro, avatar

Thanks for the explanation. I saw 12g and my frame of reference was a full sized shotgun.


It looks to be the same dimensions as 12ga, but the cartridges use an electronic fuse. Different mechanism. A normal 12ga shell wouldn’t ignite

WeirdGoesPro, avatar

That was a good design choice.


I’d guess less power, I don’t think killing a drone requires the same force as killing a deer. Not entirely sure tho.

WeirdGoesPro, avatar

I sure hope nobody mixes up their shell types while using this in a war zone.

FireTower, avatar

I’d agree. Presumably the drones these are meant to combat are quad rotor designs like this:

You don’t need to penetrate the body of them to effectively combat them. Damaging one (or more) of the rotors should cause them to destabilize and crash, effectively defeating the drone.

I could see 5 rounds of low pressure bird shot perhaps even in a reenforced design doing that.

AtmaJnana, (edited )


Caliber: 12

The lack of proper units for this is killing me.

And yes, it’s probably just 12 gauge. 88mm would be 3.46 inches, so that tracks. Definitely dont want to shoot actual magnum loads in it, tho.

edit: actually, even if it has the same dimensions as 12 gauge, it seems like it isnt using a percussive primer. Its electric. So probably the cartridges are proprietary.

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