Casually Invented - Ljutic Space Gun (1955)

This shotgun was invented by Al Ljutic after he was invited to go trap shooting, and he realized he didn’t own a shotgun.

Al Ljutic (LEW-tic) was quite the interesting character, from his early days as a professional boxer to his selection for the US 1940 Olympic rifle team, to his eventual primary business making excellent high-end trap shotguns. One of the first was a gun he built for himself which wound up becoming the Space Gun. A very unorthodox looking gun, it offered remarkable recoil reduction for a single shot 12ga, as well as a very natural fit and sight picture. Only about 200 were ever made, though, as Ljutic focused instead on his Mono-Gun, which was a much more tradition looking (but no less excellent) design, and which became very popular.

The locking and firing system which makes it so comfortable to shoot. Basically, it is a single shot bolt action with a very heavy striker, the forward impact of which counteracts some of the rearward recoil of firing. This is sometimes describes (incorrectly) as being a slam-fire gun…


I read that as lunatics shotgun at first.


Here is the lunatics space gun


40 gauge and that short barrel length doesn’t seem particularly useful.


Could it stop a bear from mauling you? Or a wolf attack?

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