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World’s First Polymer Pistol - TKB-023 (1963) (

The popular belief is that the first polymer pistol was HK VP-70. It is true and not at the same time. If we are talking about a production model, then yes, HK VP70 is the first one (introduced in 1970). However, if you are asking the first ever made working polymer pistol, then the answer is Russian TKB-023 (ТКБ-023), which...

Duel Magazine MP40/I for Tacticool Reloads (1942) (

This submachine gun has a distinctive enlarged magazine housing that takes two MP-40 magazines and allows switching between those in a matter of pressing a latch in front of the magwell and sliding the two side by side oriented magazines left or right. The idea was to have an ability to faster resume firing when the magazine was...

A Lever Action Musket - Cookson Volitional Repeating Flintlock (1750) (

The Cookson flintlock rifle, a lever-action breech-loading repeater, is one of many similar designs to make an appearance on the world stage beginning in the 17th century. The revolutionary mechanism at the heart of the Cookson repeater dates from 1680 and was originally known in Europe as the Lorenzoni System… Long arms...

Gangster's Body Armor (1930s) (

“Baby Face” Nelson is one of the most notorious gangsters in FBI history. He was a callous killer with a violent temper who participated in a countless number of robberies and was responsible for the deaths of three FBI agents—more than anyone in history—as well as the deaths of numerous other law enforcement officers....

A Revolver for Those Who Hate Revolving - Camp Perry Pistol (1920-1941) (

Approximately 2,500 Camp Perry pistols were marketed by Colt between the years 1920 and 1941. This unusual model was created by replacing the 6-shot cylinder of the .22 Officer’s Model Target with flat “cylinder” containing one .22 cal. chamber. Camp Perry, Ohio is the site of the annual National Rifle and Pistol Matches....

Snaphance Six-Shot Revolver (~1660-70) (

Technically of Snaphance configuration, but made well into the ‘true’ flintlock era. The separate steel and pan arrangement and back-action lock are dictated by the use of a revolving cylinder and especially the design choice of having priming pans integrated into said cylinder. The weapon is utilitarian in appearance and is...

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