Manchester United & RedBull Salzburg


Atlanta United, Tottenham, Union Berlin


Liverpool, from afar. Been supporting them from Australia since Kewell’s short stint twenty years ago.

Currently tossing up whether to go over to Singapore again for the two friendlies that are coming up… trying to convince myself that it makes any kind of economic sense!


Gooner through and through.


Bayern Munich


Chelsea. Even after this season.

Astrealix, avatar

Gooner, plus a local affinity for South China AA


Come on you Spurs


The greatest football team in the world: Crewe Alexandra

dimspace, (edited ) avatar

Liverpool and Falmouth Town (Step 5)

Born in Lancashire of a Scouse mother, with scouse parents, so was put in a red shirt when i was a bairn and that was that. Been a red for many decades now..

Falmouth, we moved to when I was about 13, and the bulk of my late teens and early 20's was spent following Falmouth up and down the South West. Now 400 miles away, but still keep in touch with their results every week. Finally back in the Western League after having to drop down in the 70's because of the travel cost.

Also keep an eye on Daggers results. We moved to London when I was about 3 and Leytonstone was the nearest football club. They merged with Ilford FC, they in turn became Redbridge Forest, and in turn merged with Dagenham. For a similar reason have a soft spot for the O's, and cheered on the Hammers in Europe last year as long as we arent in the same competition. Virtually all my friends as a kid were West Ham fans.

SwingingKoala, avatar

No specific team. I just like the game.

theinspectorst avatar

True Neutral alignment.


My heart beats for Werder Bremen but I'm also a season ticket holder at my local club FC Gütersloh. They just won the Westphalia Double: Oberliga Westfalen (5th tier) and the Westfalenpokal (weich qualifizierte for the DFB Pokal). It has been a surreal year after two decades of misery.

Criton, avatar

Congrats! The lower league struggle is real



theinspectorst avatar
Criton, avatar

I'm so chuffed for Duffer. He was at the heart of the defence for our Championship play off season and promotion in 2009 and has done a great job in management at Cheltenham and Barnsley. Hope he makes a difference for the Swans

theinspectorst avatar

I'm cautious but hopeful. There were points last season when we were quite poor under Russell Martin, but in the last 10 games or so we really took off. If we'd picked up our form 2-3 games earlier then we could have even snuck into a playoff spot. But now we're back into the usual run of losing players, a new manager - so I hope Duff makes a strong start or we easily risk losing momentum and continuing to slip down the table.

Boondock, avatar

Aston Villa!

supporting them since 2008ish from the US. They had a player that went to UNC on their squad (Eric Lichaj) when i was picking a premier league team and ive stuck with em through relegation and promotion. Been a wild and fun ride

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