Why do people waste food for dumb jokes?

Like I get the point is for the shock value of the absurdity of the situation but, that’s still food wasted.

Unless they actually ate this culinary travesty in which case they’re only really torturing themselves


Why are these dogs so hexagonal. Could I get octagon dogs?


They are vacuum packed very closely and in large numbers so they get that shape by reducing the empty space between them. Kinda like honeycombs.


I see, octagonal dogs would only be possible with one thick dog surrounded by slimmer dogs with this process.


cylindrical cans on conveyors do the exact same thing. we usually call it “nesting”, but I always explain the phenomenon with the honeycomb analogy.

a good amount of time and energy gets spent on figuring out how to prevent it, since the formation is incredibly stable, and difficult to move once it’s settled.

ItzzMe, avatar

Why would you want octagonal dogs? Hexagons are already the pinnacle of beauty.

shua_too, avatar

I feel like it’d be easier to core the dog first, then you’d have a slim hotdog! Dieters will love you.

smuuthbrane, avatar

But should I use chicken or beef, and bovine, soy, or oat milk?


Clearly, the answer is baked beans.

Dups, avatar

The paw patrol straw… chef’s kiss

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