Losing access to gym for 6 months, how to minimize strength loss?

Hi all, I’ve been lifting for about half a year and following 5/3/1 for most of that time. I will be traveling a lot for a 6-month period; at best I will have sporadic access to hotel gyms. My goal during this time is to maintain strength and work on cardio/conditioning.

And so, I am thinking that I should probably switch to bodyweight exercises, starting with the routine from Hybrid Calisthenics. I am not very strong (all 5/3/1 training maxes are 100lb or less) so I think I can make some progress with only bodyweight. When I do get access to dumbbells, I can do many of the movements weighted.

Are there any other/better options that I may be overlooking, both for the type of exercise (calisthenics) and the specific routine?

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA :)

someguy3, (edited )

Are you in hotel rooms the whole time?

Body weight squats done with intensity can be killer. Pushups too. Suspension trainers are decent, but the core needs to be squat, push, pull.

If you’re really skinny working on stabilizers will be very worth it, especially on your shoulders. Bands will be good for that. Work that rotator cuff. Pushups on the suspension trainer.

When you get access to gyms pulling movements are important because those are hard to do with bodyweight stuff. That’s also where suspension trainers will help.

You should be able to find an actual program somewhere. There is a market for what you’re looking for so doubtless someone’s made it.




I travel often for work. I bought a Trx to use in the hotel room.

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Unilateral exercises like skater squats, pistols, 1-legged RDLs, etc can help you maintain some strength/muscle and can be done anywhere. Inverted rows if you have a desk or table handy.




How about Freeletics? Even though I never liked it that much, but the idea behind it is fairly okay for certain circumstances.


Never heard of that, thanks for sharing.


If you ever get access to dumbbell, theres are new Fitness app options now due to AI.

One of them is Dumbbell AI which is a free app that has motion tracking to automatically logs your workouts and keep you motivated.


Buying a resistance band can be great to fill in the gaps between hotel gyms. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Something portable that you can travel with to add resistance to bodyweight exercises. Only other tip is to superset your workout, mainly for the time benefit. I travel a good bit for work and it’s amazing how I lose track of time and skip workouts due to time limitation.


Thank you, I will look into getting some resistance bands.

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