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Will a one-week deload be effective if I am sick?

So I am thinking of deloading this week as I have been plateauing on my lifts, especially the pulling ones, and definitely feeling a bit fatigued, recovery times don’t seem to be great either, especially on legs, however I also have been feeling under the weather lately, and my finals are approaching as well, so I am a bit...

Overtraining of traps with Romanian Deadlifts and Lateral Raises(Alternatives)

I do lying lateral raises because I find it impossible to progress with just standing lateral raises, I do occasionally include them, however a thing is that I also feel a lot of traps when I am doing them (the lying version), so how can I minimize it? The cable machine at my gym has 5kg increments which is excessive for this...

Division of effort in different rep ranges

So I have been in a bit of a research about how much volume is necessary when you are training with ‘proper intensity’ because I am having trouble progressing on my lifts on PHAT hypertrophy program (I am on a bulk) and I am afraid all weight I am gaining is fat, and a lot of people claim that high intensity low volume is...

I seem to have hurt my shoulder? What now?

I was doing incline smith press and seem to have hurt my front delt in the middle of set, It wasn’t sharp or sudden but I just kinda noticed it, and i made a chump move and decided to finish the set, instead of racking it immediately, i skipped overhead press and lateral raises, I did some cable flies which didn’t seem to...

The Bulking Starterpack my Buddy sent to me for my birthday (

I started going to the gym two months ago, and had always trouble that my underarms are already tired before my back really gets going. So for my birthday my buddy created the “Bulking Starterpack” comprised of wristbands, pulling aids, nuts, peanut butter, protein bars and biscuits. May the fun begin

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