Final Cut Pro

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Where are custom keyboard command sets stored? I deleted FCP as I the SFX folder isn't anywhere on my Mac, but forgot to export my command set before deleting the app. Luckily I have a time machine backup, so if I would know where the command sets are stored I could find them! 😅 #FinalCutPro #macOS #FCP #VideoEditing #TechHelp #Question

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@stooovie Of course smh. I was close, totally forgot I needed to go to Users not just Library… Thank you!

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@richaesthetic there is an overall system Library at /Library and then each user's Library at ~/Library

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@revk It works very inconsistently for me. Sometimes it'll drop me into a rename tile immediately, others it does nothing until I click away, do something else, and come back.


@revk hey. I used to primarily use final cut pro just recently switched to premiere pro. But if I remember correctly, you have to click on it to select the event. Then press the return key and you should be able to rename. You do not have to click on it multiple times.

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Pretty fascinating to read as this stuff becomes more relevant to the work I'm doing, especially this feature film #FCPX workflow created by the filmmakers:

#postchat #VideoProduction #FinalCut #FinalCutPro


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@samvarma @latenite Nice find, I’ll read this later today. Thanks for sharing.

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Err, #FinalCutPro, maybe say why?

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@alphasixtyfive I'm currently trying a full transcoding and analysis of all files to see if that fixes.

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@alphasixtyfive To my surprise, that worked!

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Check out this great video by Matthew O'Brien on how to integrate into a video producer workflow!

"Use This AMAZING App To View Your Video Archives 💾 Without Connecting A Single Drive To Your Mac"
"[NeoFinder is a] Must-have app for video pros!"


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