genericgamer, in After Migrating from Reddit I think it's only fair that I share my current setup on here

@DylanVee oh this is lovely!

myke_tuna, in After Migrating from Reddit I think it's only fair that I share my current setup on here
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Looks dope. I've always been curious about these types of setups with the keys and buttons. Not sure what they're called, but seems cool.

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Within the community, they're usually called Mixboxes but that's an official brand so I tend to call them WASD Leverless controllers or Keyboxes.

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Thanks for the info. I remember playing arcade games including Street Fighter on my computer before gamepads were really standard, so I think I could adapt to the WASD layout for my left hand. Maybe some day 🤔

DylanVee, in FOSS Controller Firmware - GP2040-CE v0.7.2 Released
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Hello, I'm thinking of getting a new fightstick PCB what board is this for again? and also what consoles will it support? Thank you.


This is for either a Raspberry Pi Pico (connect to the pins via solder, header, or breakout board) or a custom RP2040 breakout board. The project has an open source RP2040 breakout board design that many people are starting to use and sell. Look on Etsy or join the Discord for information.

The firmware has a bunch of different modes.

  • PC XInput
  • PS3 DInput
  • PS4 DInput
  • Switch
  • Keyboard mode

NOTE: PS4 mode has an 8 min timeout without the necessary authentication files. Don't ask for the files in the Discord and most sellers won't provide it out of fear of Sony litigation.

sigg, in Just hit Silver with Chun-Li, but I had some help

Love the snackbox micro, they couldn't have made the firmware update process any more confusing if they tried but the hardware itself is great


It is actually bizarre how obtuse their documentation is... Like, just have an instruction page, please. I don't want to have to watch a youtube video in order to figure out your software.

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Agreed! Updating my snackbox to make it Capcom SOCD compatible was weirdly confusing. If it wasn't for a throwaway line on their news page on how to update the firmware, I would never have realized that I needed to update via the mobile app as well.

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