Fizz, avatar… cmon man


Is that bait? I don't even want to test it. lol


It gives a 500 error, don’t worry. It was probably blocked by the hosting


Where/how is this obtained?

I’m curious about seeing an entire list of defederated instances.

dramaticcat, (edited )

Where/how is this obtained?

I’m curious about seeing an entire list of defederated instances.

Be aware that it doesn’t track when lemmy instances defederate from other fediverse instances correctly and hasn’t for months, and that it’s run someone from one of those 50 defederated instances.

yamanii, avatar

Eientei? From touhou? Wonder what’s in there. Also was expecting to see the pawoo competitor since several japanese artists went there after Musk bought twitter.

Peter1986C, avatar

I checked. Mostly a handful-of-people instance doing whatever on some Pleroma/Akkoma instance. Not much to see there and not much of what I could see there seemed to make much sense to me. Perhaps the defeds are mostly preventative but I cannot tell.


Truth Social is mastodon? 😂

MacNCheezus, avatar

TIL that clown couldn’t even build a unique message board.

ahriboy, avatar

Btw, Truth Social is one of donors of the frontend Soapbox, which powers some Pleroma instances.

MacNCheezus, avatar

So Trump doesn’t just use FOSS, he even spends time and money to improve it? What a dick.


So is Gab, but they got defederated by pretty much the entire network so fast that they just gave up and disabled federation on their own end


Who are they and why are they shunned?


Alt-right propagandists, leaning towards the dumbest of their kind


Save haven for racists and Nazis.


Shame. I enjoy laughing at people


You can always make an account.

How about a good old raid? We need to invent a bonkers conspiracy theory first. Something that fools them into doing something good. Like jews don’t want you to donate blood and food because it helps them to keep this country divided.


I was honestly thinking of that during COVID. Have a conspiracy saying that the antivax conspiracies were peddled by russia or some form of deep state thing to kill off people who resist the instructions to get vaccinated


I like the way you think!

Kolanaki, avatar

What’s with Figured it was something but it’s all Japanese.

MacNCheezus, avatar

I think it’s an NSFW instance of questionable legality (i.e. underage material that’s prohibited in most countries except Japan).

yamanii, avatar

It’s drawings, you can say that, no need to muddle the water.

MacNCheezus, avatar

I honestly don’t know WHAT it is, nor do I care. All I heard when I learned about that site is that it supposedly is a major CP host, so I just avoided it like the plague. Plus it’s all in Japanese anyways.


I thought drawn child pornography was legal in more places but apparently its only about 8 counties. Bafflingly this isn’t one of the things the EU has a united front on. Funnily there are a lot more countries that ban all pornography than there are countries that allow some porn but not fictional child porn.

pomodoro_longbreak, avatar

Not aware of any of these, which is nice, but iddqd caught my eye since that’s a Doom reference! Overall I always thought the Doom community was pretty positive (at least going by Doomworld forums, and various Doom streamers, as I remember them). I thought surely it must be some misunderstanding! Oh maybe they didn’t reply quickly enough to take down some drive-by hate speech, but that was it.

Anyway, holy shit, do not go to that lemmy instance. It’s rotten to the core. I’m going to go take a shower and play through Episode 1 to cleanse myself now.


The Doom fandom will always have the dark shadow of the Columbine High School deaths in its history. So shitty people using Doom to be shitty people isn’t that far from the mark. Nothing will ever change that, sorry.

pomodoro_longbreak, avatar



It’s doomed, don’t worry about it.

SCB, (edited )

It’s pretty standard 4chan-NEET fare, for anyone who is wondering. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, trad wives, and quasi-pro-nazi shit.

Not worth your time to check out. Small community of sad nerds.


4chan wasn’t like that before 2015. Well, except for the racism part. It was leftish/libertarian.

It’s also the easiest “social media” platform to game. You don’t have to make up a history for each user. You don’t have to get upvoted. You don’t even really need to make sense.


And to think, the Q shit started on these sites.


Hell way back in the day, 4chan was one of my go-to websites, before the joking and trolling on /b/ really wasn’t joking and trolling any more.


Back before people who weren’t joking started to join in


Right. The really early oughts, when trolling was still a real thing, were so radically different that it’s hard to explain to people these days


iddqd was a well known cheat code from the era, not exactly obscure if not contemporary.

Smacks, avatar

If the FBI are on here, they’d better work harder

crsu, avatar

Maybe its their instances and those are honeypots


Maybe its their instances and those are just the way they are


Apparently it is rather easy to gather personal data as an instance owner, so it really makes you wonder.


That’s actually pretty concerning, however my mantra is that anything with bad optics just stays in my head. Nobody can gather what I won’t say!


I’m not surprised it’s an even mix of diet Nazis and gross drawings, but I’m routinely disappointed that anyone thinks those are equally bad.

Fascism is worse than weird made-up porn. Seriously. This should not be controversial.

Even if you’re worried about some lurking connection between drawings and real life… every fascist online is a fascist in real life. Nobody on a white-supremacist forum is just there for the costumes. But most people on a porn site are just there for the porn. When that porn is all fictional characters - be as disgusted as you like, but please remember the difference between fiction and reality. If you’re not massively more disgusted by genocide advocacy, it is time to recalibrate.


I’ve never heard of any of these.



Sees a bunch of “freeze speech” including “freespeechextremist”- lol the classic

Sees “freecumextremist”- oh no, the classic!

Jake_Farm, avatar

Why was Alex Gleason defederated?


I think he was employed by truth social for a while, and it might have been just because of his prior involvement as a programmer. But could be wrong about him working there or wrong about that being the reason.


@Jake_Farm @witchdoctor Too based for the leftoid soyboy fedi instances.

pancakes, avatar

Too cringe


Username checks out

Resol, avatar

I wonder why is the only Mastodon instance in this list that uses the old blue logo.

7eter, avatar

Because they are still on version 3


Ah, back before they fucked it up.

Infinite scrolling needs to die out.

Resol, avatar



This should include a user count in each so we can see just how many pedos and nazis are being punted to their own little disgusting bubbles


Most pedos are nazis and vice versa.


I don’t think there’s a reliable source for that claim, but it’s mean to two groups I don’t like and is therefore true


You got a way with words.

Sanyanov, (edited )

A little correction: while some of pedo instances are full of potential child abusers, others are based on non-offending (i.e. stop fucking children ffs) principles.

The latter are actually extremely important since they provide a gateway for otherwise potentially dangeous individuals to gain support and find professional help. Trying to instead blindly seed hatred towards people with any immutable traits is never productive, be it any mental disorder, sexuality, or otherwise, same as race and gender. In this case, it only prevents pedophiles from seeking help, making them more likely to become the child predator type and actually pose danger to kids.

Being a pedophile is not a choice. Being a Nazi or a child abuser are, and those should fuck themselves (but also reconsider what they do and what they believe in).


Being a pedo may not be a choice, but acting on it definitely is. And any pedo who has to go searching for pedo friendly communities is not looking for help, theyre looking to get off.

Its not a big secret to them that they have something wrong to live with. They dont need a support community to tell them how not to fuck kids. It shouldnt take that much self control for them to not fuck kids…

I’d even bet the vast majority of them already do just fine living normal lives. Just like the vast majority of “normal” adults dont go around raping each other just because they feel sexually aroused by someone.


How do you jump from “searching for pedo friendly communities” to “looking to get off”?

Imagine being a gay in a country where you’ll be in real danger if you’ll ever mention it. Would you like to have someone at least online to talk about how you feel? Probably yes. Same idea. It’s hard to hold up things that big throughout life, as just about any closeted LGBT+ person will tell you.

And then with any attraction that is actually dangerous and also illegal when acted on, like, well, pedophilia, or zoophilia, or biastophilia, or God knows what, there will always be people in doubt on whether they should go for it or not. And a community of people with the same issue telling them “we know how you feel, but CERTAINLY NO” would be way more productive than randoms on the Internet shaming them and putting them into the same bin as actual rapists.

Of course, most of them will probably never offend regardless. But people in doubt, as well as people in mental distress, are to always keep in mind. And if you ignore them, you get more child abuse, more suicides, and more pain and suffering in the world.


Maybe im wrong and they need support. Maybe im not. I certainly am in no position to say one way or another with authority. But i’d rather be wrong about keeping them shamed than be wrong about letting them feel positive about their issue.

Either way, i respectfully am done discussing the topic for now. I will give your opinions some thought though.


I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. Not supporting or opposing your point of view. Just to add to the discussion. Let’s use another extreme: People with a killing spree sexual attraction. I know, I know, it may be not the same, and it’s something that doesn’t exist (God I hope!) But for the sake of the argument, let’s assume it does.

You have this forum of people posting memes about mass killings and frustrations about not being able to kill, but that you would totally never ever kill anyone, even though the urge is there.

What would you think of such community? Would it be a safe one?

(Dear CIA, NSA, FBI agents, the above is just a completely hypothetical scenario. I am a law-abiding citizen. Always have, always will.)


…there is a joke here that I could make about incel forums. I’m not going to try to because it’s in poor taste, but my point is that I’m pretty sure that does exist…

Also, what’s your actual position if that’s your devil’s advocate position? I’m a bit unsure if the implication there is intentional or not


Well, I don’t really have a position. I think pedophilia is heinous, but I understand that sexual attraction is not a choice. Would an internet forum be a good and healthy supporting tool for pedophiles making an effort to do the right thing? That’s the question I’m trying to answer.


Here’s something I found on the issue:…/9783748904403-279.pdf

TL;DR it very much depends on the nature of the platform, but peer support platforms like Virtuous Pedophiles seem to be more good than bad, helping in combating child sexual abuse.


I’d argue it’s way better to give them a platform to vent, so instead of going to the street and killing everyone they post memes and share therapists.

Would I be grossed out? Hell yeah, just like with pedophilia. Would I still think it’s a good thing? Absolutely.

It’s easy to go with your gut feeling and think you’re righteous to follow it. It’s always harder to think it through and do and support what’s actually right.



edit: scrolled down in the comments to find my answer


Newbie question here… What’s the difference between federated and de-federated?


Defederated means that the server has been forbidden from connecting and communicating with specific other servers that have decided to defederate with it, so users from the server can’t see or interact with users and posts on the server that defederated it and vice versa. Hopefully I was clear and coincise.


So you need to look at the number of de federations. That is basically how many other instances have blocked them and do not receive content from them to their feed. You can still go to all these instances using their respective urls and see what they are like. The reasons for blocking them vary depending on the instance. Edit: They can still be federated with other instances that don’t block them creating their own little fediverse bubbles.


Federated means that any instance that is federated with them receives their content and can bee seen on that instance.

Defederated means they are not federated anymore, thus blocking both users and content.

It’s usually done to combat content you don’t want on your instance


Ok ok… So me using is a specific instance of Lemmy, so it’s almost like its own server? And other instances (maybe lemmy.unitiedstates?) is its own federated instance likely related to just U.S. posts and it can communicate with other instances? Do de-federated instances have no other communication with instances?

Apologies if these are silly, I feel like a dum dum because everyone else seems to grasp this except me.

Blaze, avatar

When you use Gmail to send an email to Outlook, those two servers are federated.

Defederation blocks communication between servers.


You pretty much got it! One nitpick, your example of Lemmy.unitedStates is not NECESSARILY a federated instance, just an instance. It may or may not be federated with other instances.

De-federated instances lose communication to/from the instances that said “im gonna de-federate from these Nazis”, so again you pretty much got it right :) not silly questions at all! It’s a new concept to many people and I promise you MANY people have and will ask these “dumb” (but not actually) questions!


Got it! Tysm for the help I’m learninnnnng


One way to think of it is to think of each instance as a person/account, and every instance that they federate with is someone they follow, and anyone that they’re defederated with is someone they’ve blocked.

So if one instance follows (federates) with another, that instances users will see posts and users from that other instance.

If an instance blocks (defederates) with another, it prevents the instance from sending or receiving any new posts or comments with the blocked instance, cutting all communication. In the case of Poast at the top of the list, 1474 instances decided to block it and prevent any new posts or comments from that instance showing up to their users.

Instances that aren’t explicitly federated or defederated yet (unknown) are sort of in a limbo, they won’t be seen at all by any users unless someone from either instance actively searches for a community from the other vir via a direct community link in the searchbox, then those server will follow (federate) with each other.

I hope that made sense, I’m trying to think of better ways to word this but I’m not sure if it’s a good explanation or not.

ICastFist, avatar, and sure got welcoming names. Given the number of defederations, I doubt the contents are anything like the names.

RickRussell_CA avatar

An online cafe dedicated to harvesting baby seal fur SEEMED like a good idea...


I have an idea… A cafe for baby seal fur from self defence only… That’s a great idea!

viking, avatar

Most of them were automatically defederated for not having adequate protection against bot signups, that got nothing to do with sketchy content.


If the bots are welcomed and they don’t have good enough moderation, this is just sketchy content with extra steps.


As someone interested in both sides of security game theory, what exactly helps stop bots? I grew up playing RuneScape and hating bots before making r/Artisanvideos and hating them even more. I’ve always wondered if it’s a matter of automatically detecting precise repetitive patterns or just specific giveaway signs.

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