Ernest seems thirsty

Maybe someone should post this link every day for the foreseeable future because I think it’s gonna be a sleepless week for the Fediverse, but a great one as well.

As the saying sorta goes, if a service is free, then you’re the product. @ernest seems like he’s working his ass off for us, and certainly enough to warrant a few bucks from those who can afford it. Cheers!


I was very confused by the title before I saw the link 😂

But yes, 100% agree!

asqapro avatar

A $5 donation is cheaper than reddit premium and worth a whole lot more.


TIL reddit premium is a thing


Done. Thanks for the reminder!


Definitely thank you for the reminder. Recently joined to replace Reddit and very impressed with how @ernest is busting his ass to accommodate the growth. Same with all the fediverse devs, tbh.

tchambers avatar

From my Mastodon server I briefly had both an OpenCollective and a Patreon, and users there clearly wanted to use the Patreon more. I'd suggest setting up both.

experbia avatar

please add a note to your donations to suggest he make an opencollective (or similar) so we can get some recurring money starting to flow his way. i have been in this position, of suddenly being a very in-demand person, and it can be pretty rough.

MetricExpansion avatar

OpenCollective is a great idea

Boar avatar

Thanks for the reminder, been meaning to throw some money at him.

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