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Pixelfed Account Migration will transfer your followers to another Pixelfed or Mastodon account!

We could limit this to only other Pixelfed servers, but why?

The ability to easily migrate your followers between platforms and servers is what makes the #fediverse special ❤️

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@dansup can't help but notice how bad the experience of migrating on fediverse is, with these red walls of text and back-linking...


@dansup hello

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@dansup Nice work!

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@dansup Nice 💕

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@dansup the migration/import from Instagram is also very important, to get the people to easily decide to leave Instagram... But to be honest, I and many other users are having difficulties getting all the information over to pixelfed. It only works for some posts and many are being ignored by the import program 😢. I'm trying since 2 weeks with different attempts and filesizes, etc... I'm missing my most recent 100 posts (so the most important ones). For the older ones, it worked well. Thank you

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@holmthetooth We are working on a few Import from IG bug fixes!

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@dansup that is wonderful news 🙏😊... Thank you for all your work!

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@dansup I get that direct migration to others Fediverse softwares is still not possible, but I guess at least Mastodon can be used as a bridge, so one could move followers from Pixelfed to, say, Misskey in two moves.
Is it right?


@fdrc_ff @dansup You can likely go direct, if Misskey supports to/from Madtodon it’ll be the same protocol or process to go Pixelfed to/from Misskey.

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@AnotherFauxtographer @fdrc_ff If Misskey supports Mastodon Migration, then you will be able to migrate to/from Pixelfed to Misskey!

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