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The Myth: Is the Fediverse Really That Complicated?

Let me start out by saying how I think this myth became the reality for many… Obviously, a few journalists declared the Fediverse to be complicated, and this got picked up quickly by those who were considering whether to open accounts in the Fediverse (I’m no ...continues

See https://gadgeteer.co.za/the-myth-is-the-fediverse-really-that-complicated/

#fediverse #socialnetworks #technology

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@danie10 @danie10 You seem to have run out of words. It is complicated for a lot of people. With some people, you only have to mention “server” and their eyes roll back in their heads. You are a tech blogger, so I imagine it’s child’s play for you, like it is for me. We are not the norm.

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@pilchard very true, but even so, I think the principle is true that it all had to be majorly simplified - too many explanations just complicated it even more ;-)

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