vsp, (edited )

Rebecca ( @cheeseblintzes ) made Lemmy.world :lw: stickers.

Of course I picked up a pack! Thank you, Rebecca, for letting me help you with the design!

#Lemmy #LemmyWorld #Fediverse

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@vsp @cheeseblintzes Mine seem to have gotten lost in the mail 😭


@ccunning @cheeseblintzes Oh no! I believe Etsy has a track order tool. Did you check that?

@ccunning@mastodon.world avatar

@vsp I got a shipping number through Etsy which the mail service doesn’t recognize so not sure how to proceed with them. I got a “confirmation” from Etsy saying it was delivered to my correct address three days ago.

I know it’s not your problem; hoping @cheeseblintzes can help though…

@cheeseblintzes@c.im avatar

@ccunning @vsp Ive seen your message on Etsy just now, I would assume that because the order has been delivered, it may no longer show up in the mail system?

It should be in a business size envelope (so the normal envelopes) thats a shade of brown with a sticker on the back. Look for that and let me know.

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