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I feel like the reason #Mastodon, and the #Fediverse at large, aren't taking off has to do with the fact that they're actually social networks. People don't seem to want a social network, they want content platforms. People aren't using #Twitter or #Threads or #TikTok to keep up with their friends these days, they're using these apps to entertain themselves. And since #Facebook and every other platform that used to be a social network began pivoting toward content promotion, I think society has forgotten what a social network is supposed to actually be anymore.

(E: Grammar.)

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@Chozo I wonder if this bodes well for Kbin/Lemmy? Arguably their model is more about content than social relationships.

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@Chozo the only point I disagree with is that people don't want a social media platform anymore. I think they do, I just think they have forgotten that's what social media is for. Considering there is zero advertising for this platform and a technical set up, the growth and daily activity of it is pretty impressive and hasn't slowed in months.

I've met more interesting people in 8 months here than I did 12 years on twitter. I hope others get a chance to see that value.


@Chozo this is a super-great point. on its merits, mastodon is inherently more social- it's a place for discourse and connection, not raw eyeballs and engagement. lower volume but much higher intent/quality of discussion.


I guess I’m just not understanding this because to me those two are the same thing. I’m struggling to understand what a social network is supposed to be/do if it’s not generating content.


I do not view the threadiverse as a social network. It is a forum and link sharing service.

Microblogging. Who cares about it. Only people that want to be the person or follow the person. Same for companies and orgs.

Facebook. It is just a glorified address book and photo sharing service. The later has gotten kind of thin as people have moved to other platforms and promotional crap has clogged the feeds.

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For what it’s worth, I use Facebook to keep up with my friends. I don’t use any of the discovery features like Reels. I have friends and family in Australia where Facebook is more popular than in the USA.

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I don’t know, apps like whatsapp are still mostly about socialization and communication.

Also I’ve never used snapchat but it’s supposed to be pretty social.

Personally speaking, I have no interest in socialization. I’m only on the fediverse for content and more importantly discussion on that content (though not in a social manner)

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Personally speaking, I have no interest in socialization. I’m only on the fediverse for content and more importantly discussion on that content (though not in a social manner)

Yeah, I feel like I'm very much in the same boat, these days. If I want to socialize with somebody, I'd rather just do it in private than publicly in front of the whole world. I've begun to appreciate the more genuine connections these days after I quit traditional social media and went back to just texting people directly if I wanna say something to them.


I’ve been off Facebook since precovid, deactive so I can use messenger still.

I logged in for a specific reason yesterday and it was like one thing/person I follow or otherwise indicated interest in to 10+ “sponsored content” or “stuff you may like” or whatever they call it now.

But people treat it as a red flag because I’m not wasting my day away on that. Fucking what?


@Chozo Interesting thought

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@Jerry Thanks! What prompted this for me was seeing how much #Misskey is blowing up in Japan right now, and I couldn't figure out what was making Misskey different from the rest of the Fediverse. And after taking a look around at how that instance is being used by its community, it seems like it's being used mostly for content promotion. Most people are using it to share artwork and videos, and there's more focus on reactions than actual, meaningful replies. There's definitely people still using it as an actual blogging platform, but looking at the global feed, you'll see that 99% of the activity is coming from shared media. Its use-case is being catered more similarly toward the mainstream, media-sharing-based platforms.

Just kinda interesting to see that what people say they want and what they actually end up using tend to be different, sometimes.

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