The only thing I want out of Fallout Season 2: Yes Man

We’re heading to New Vegas in Season 2, and this is the only character I really would like to see resurface, mostly because Yes Man saved me from never finishing New Vegas. I was starting to get bored with the plot and Yes Man brought me back in.

Dave Foley killed as it Yes Man, and I would love to see him back in the role. I was a big fan of Foley from Kids in the Hall/News Radio days, and I was overjoyed when I ran into Yes Man and recognized his voice. Dave Foley has exactly the kind of absurd cheery demeanor a character like Yes Man needs.

Further, I’m going to assume the Courier/Yes Man taking over the Strip ending of New Vegas probably isn’t canon, it means there’s ample opportunity potentially for Yes Man to continue being the best Yes Man that he is.

Hell, I’d love to see any of the Kids in the Hall in Season 2, honestly. Kevin McDonald keeps looking weirder every fucking year, he would fit in with wastelanders. Hell, the new Kids in the Hall season was an Amazon Prime show, and both Kevin and Dave went full frontal nudity with their weird old bodies. They’re the right kind of fit for the wasteland.

I would also think Foley’s “Doomsday DJ” sketch is a great example of why they need him in Season 2 of Fallout.


Yes Man? Sure.

But I personally would love to see him as the Vault 77 dweller.


After Charlie Kelly cost him another principal job, he had to go work for Robco


He was great in the latest season of Fargo.


What a loyal and stand up dude he was in that

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I second the idea of getting other KitH cast members involved. Have Scott Thompson voice Marilyn or Light Switch #3.

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Mutant Buddy Cole.


And mutants


Nice idea, but they erased the NCR entirely, no way Todd's going to allow the best NPC in all of Fallout to exist as is when he didnt come up with it.


Why are people acting like bathesda hates new Vegas? Cause Todd didn’t write or direct it? George Lucas didn’t write or direct Empire strikes back, but it’s still star wars.

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but they erased the NCR entirely

I… don’t think we watched the same shows.

Spoilers ahead cold fusion, Moldaver powers what looks like an entire city. Are we going to pretend that all the people she provided power to are not technically NCR citizens? She is clearly a former resident of Shady Sands herself, and even says to the deceased Ghoul of Rose MacLean “We did it, Rose.”


The NCR was not just Shady Sands. It was all of California up into Oregon and into Nevada. Literally everywhere the show goes shouldn't be post apocalyptic thanks to the NCR's GECK

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The show literally does not comment on whether or not the NCR still exists elsewhere. Arguably, like in real life, it’s a war of attrition, where differing sides gain and lose ground in different areas at different times.

Ukraine has won and lost lots of battles, and they have won and lost ground. Just because it doesn’t comment on the NCR doesn’t mean that the NCR is gone, it could easily be that we’re seeing one small slice of the NCR in a place where it is losing ground.

Further, this timeline is post-New Vegas, and there’s a good chance that the canon ending was Mr. House succeeding in deploying his Securitron army. We don’t know of other aftermath, whether he used that to destroy local NCR forces, and so on. The aftermath of a war between NCR and the Securitrons would certainly leave a “post-apocalyptic” wake of destruction.

Finally, none of that even touches on whether or not it was potentially Cesar’s legion or some other currently unnamed faction who slowly broke down the NCR organization over time.

There could be plenty of valid reasons why things are so fucked in the West, and they don’t all involve completely retconning everything.


Its not House since New Vegas is a wasteland.

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New Vegas is a tourist-based economy. If the NCR pulled out for any reason then it'd get pretty wasteland-ey pretty quick.

Also if House is alive in Season 2 then the only possible canon ending is The House Always Wins, since every other ending explicitly leads to his death.

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They literally show only a silhouette of the city from a distance at the end as sort of a tease; yet this is twice I have seen someone claim it’s destroyed or gone. It’s no different than how it looks in the game from a distance. Such as in the opening intro shot panning away from the city to the overlook where you’re shot by Benny.

Kind of weird to tease it like that if it’s got nothing going on.

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I came back to this thread because I watched through the credit sequence from the final episode of the series, which starts on a billboard inside the New Vegas strip, backing out to the “Welcome to fabulous New Vegas!” sign.

  1. Trashed Securitrons and evidence of what looks like a fucking warzone, right on the Strip, including a downed NCR Vertibird.
  2. The main gate to the Strip busted down and wide open.

It seems to me like the canon endings went bad for everybody. New Vegas ends where it ends, and we don’t know the far flung future of everyone involved. It could easily be that a war between Mr. House and the NCR fully broke out, leading the NCR to heavy losses and abandoning New Vegas. While everyone’s whinging about the NCR I’m way more interested in what’s happening with Cesar’s legion.

Once again, like in real life, this doesn’t mean the NCR does not exist elsewhere, but none of it is unreasonable nor does it “wipe away” the events of New Vegas. It just recontextualizes them in a new story.

Further, as this is a TV Show, this is many people’s first brush with anything Fallout related, and it makes sense to try to sort of reset the world to the post-apocalyptic state of Fallout 1, to give the people coming into the series now a similar feel of the originals. They could have just as easily started the whole damn thing over, ignoring every canon storyline, just like the Halo show. All things considered, I really don’t get the hateboner for this fucking show some folks have.



(Is that covered in season 1?)


It was not



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