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This is why I have zero respect for Greenpeace.

A crop that could save 250k-500k children in the global south, and because it's openly GM, unlike all the rice, wheat, and barley, varieties that are available in the global north (Calrose, Amaroo, etc), Greenpeace are opposed to it.

Nothing sadder than a rich white environmentalist screaming at the global south that "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" #environment

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@sortius @mos_8502 I am not particularly worried about GM plants for health but I do worry about licensing and long term corporate control. I would be more comfortable if Syngenta signed with governments they will NEVER commercialize it and they just want to save children.

“The inventors have assigned their exclusive rights to the Golden Rice technology to Syngenta”

“Syngenta retains commercial rights, although it has no plans to commercialize Golden Rice.”

No plans?,technologies%20was%20obtained%20from%20Syngenta

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@santiago @mos_8502 yeh, if you read why they did it, there's just no market for them to comercialise it in the global north as they don't have Vitamin A deficiencies, and I'm guessing trying to commercialise it in the global south would give them less (tax) benefit than using it for humanitarian uses.

Honestly, it's a debate worth having, but I'm always going to be against kneejerk stuff like Greenpeace have been doing to these rice and wheat crops (from 2013):

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@sortius @mos_8502 I read that it is not a viable product in rich countries today. Just on the long term I think governments should have assurances a corporation will not change its mind once everyone is dependent and start charging emerging countries.

If it’s truly humanitarian governments should nationalize these (supposedly commercially worthless) patents. I just can’t believe a large corporation can do anything with “no plans”. We’ll see in 20 years…

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