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Reading this🧵? Your blood probably contains some amount of toxic made by

Enough to spike your risk of cancers & illnesses?

Without a blood test, you have no idea.

Why is their toxin running in your veins?

Well, 3M & kept the harms secret even as their toxins were incorporated into...everything.

From french fry bags to chairs.

They gaslit their own scientists.

& regularly dumped, creating toxic zones. 1/


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2/ Risks from #foreverchemicals include Diabetes, obesity, testicular #cancer, developmental delays...

Some researchers think that anyone exposed to these chemicals will have an elevated cancer risk.

At ANY concentration.

Since scientists estimate that we ALL have at least one of these forever chemicals in our blood...

That would be all of us.

#environment #endocrine #immunesystem

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3/ If the "we are all at risk of cancer" from #foreverchemicals framing for some reason doesn't bug you, consider the taxpayer costs.

Numbers are staggering.

$64 billion in estimated increased disease burden in a single year.

Meanwhile #3M makes $1.5 billion a year from making the stuff.

And 16,000 of 3M's products still contain the chemical.

While company pledges to wind down manufacture. They haven't stopped.

To date, 3m has not admitted wrongdoing and faced no criminal liability

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4/We're all living in a nonconsensual lab experiment on the effect of #foreverchemicals chemicals on health.

Short of a rocket to mars, we're stuck in the cage. There is no control group.

American? Look at the map. See light blue near you? That is not good news.

Search for your home address in this map to if your drinking water might be above EPA limits.

Keep in mind this is JUST tap water, there are other routes to exposure.

MAP: https://www.ewg.org/interactive-maps/pfas_contamination/map/

#environment #pollution

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@jsrailton i
Interesting that Minneapolis based 3M's home state of Minnesota seems relatively less affected by PFAS contamination than many other states.

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@jsrailton Dark Waters is streaming on Netflix. Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway. Worth watching if you’re concerned for your health - worth knowing a bit more about these “forever chemicals”. Dark Waters is based on the 2016 New York Times Magazine article "The Lawyer Who Became DuPont's Worst Nightmare.


@jsrailton I used to like Dupont. Then I did a research article on them and found out what they did with TEL gasoline additives - after they were banned in the USA.
See also, marijuana. They lobbied heavily to get it banned. Removing hemp from the market left a vacuum they could fill with Lycra, Dacron, nylon, etc.
It's all about making more money no matter who gets hurt.

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Scothguard is in most human blood streams.

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@jsrailton it's fine. When I'm old, I'll get cancer and lose everything I own, then I'll die, in Medicaid hospice, of massive organ failure.


@jsrailton @pluralistic might this be a future blog topic?


@jsrailton People are comparing this to cigarettes, but this and micro-plastics will kill a lot of us by 2050. I don't even want to think about kids which will have it the worst, the weather isn't going to kill us first it will be this. Thank your chemical company's an Oil Companies for our Extinction.

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