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Someone will still steamroll it. Probably in his undies. With a jar on his head. And using only a club.


And when it comes to pvp, seeing that same naked man with a club is infinitly more terrifying than a fully armored person

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*Insert Heavy that thing scares me meme

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I finished the game on PS5. But have not turned my PS5 on in about a year. I made a Linux gaming PC and have been gaming with it. So I bought Elden Ring again with the DLC for my PC. I am now enjoying playing the game again. I had forgotten how fun the world was to explore.

I don't plan to run through the expansion.

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I had a contract with no obligations but to remain available for the customer, who incidentally never reached out more than once a week. I effectively got paid to play the game, since work was so slow, and achieved 100% on my PS4.

I probably will get the expansion, but only because they didn’t gate limit it to the PS5.


What distro are you using for the gaming PC?

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I stated with Ubuntu for 3 years but in December I moved to Fedora. I like the way they do updates.


Might I suggest taking a look at Bazzite? It’s built on Fedora Atomic. I’ve been using it for months ever since switching from Fedora.


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