[Transfem Meme] [Nonbinary Meme] egg⚽🧠irl

Expanding Brain meme with two extra rows of boxes on the bottom.
1st row left: "I just like the outfit."
1st row right: Human skull with small brain.
2nd row left: "Something about her aesthetic is just visually appealing to me."
2nd row right: Human head with regular sized brain that has many lights glowing inside.
3rd row left: "I wanna be her."
3rd row right: Human head with regular sized brain that has many more lights glowing inside with great intensity.
4th row left: "I wish I was her."
4th row right: Human head with regular sized brain that has some lights shooting out past the head and none inside it.
5th row left: "I wish I lived in an LGBTQ+ safe world so I could discover myself sooner and be a weird-ass tomboy who liked girly things."
5th row right: Photo of the Helix Nebula (aka: Eye of God) in outer space.
6th row left: "i wanna be visibly me"
6th row right: The girl Sayori (from the game Doki Doki Literature Club) in her fan-made "Coolyori - Finger Guns Emoji" form pointing two finger guns to the left while wearing a Pale Pink colored short-sleeved shirt, CG Red colored bowtie in her neck-length hair, and two sunglasses with one raised mostly above the other. Behind her are the Chevron Queer Flag's lavender colors split vertically down the middle with Orchid on the left and Twilight Lavender on the right.
Entire left side: Boxes have a background of the off-white color Seashell increasing in opacity from 20% (barely visible) in the 2nd box to 100% in the 6th.
3rd to 6th row left: Tall image with 18.6% opacity of Rainbow Dash (from the series My Little Pony) in fan-made human form with hip-length rainbow colored hair and bangs, fully open Shocking Pink colored eyes, and a large smile posed with her right foot ontop of a Black & White soccer ball while facing the audience and wearing the following athletic wear:

  1. A tall pair of Ocean Boat Blue & White colored boots with slightly taller rainbow colored socks sticking out.
  2. A slightly pleated White colored mini skirt with a wide Sky Magenta colored vertical stripe down the middle and black underskirt shorts sticking out by maybe 4".
  3. An open zippered Ocean Boat Blue colored short-sleeved jacket with a non-folded collar.
  4. A mostly visible White t-shirt with a large image of a cloud unleashing a single thick blue, yellow, and red lightning bolt that's half covered by her folded arms. The left of which bearing an identically colored wristband.


Found myself experiencing a ton of gender envy yesterday while referencing this image of Rainbow Dash for something. Almost got intense. So of course I decided to spend hours making a meme about it. 📝🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♀️


I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be that. I’m a cisgender not-even-slightly-a-femboy and I lowkey get gender envy from that (insofar as I understand the term)

^(also^ ^off^ ^topic^ ^but^ ^I^ ^feel^ ^it’s^ ^worth^ ^mentioning.^ ^your^ ^image^ ^description^ ^refers^ ^to^ ^Rainbow^ ^Dash^ ^in^ ^fan-made^ ^human^ ^form^ ^and^ ^while^ ^it^ ^is^ ^a^ ^piece^ ^of^ ^fanart,^ ^that’s^ ^not^ ^what^ ^I^ ^initially^ ^interpreted^ ^that^ ^sentence^ ^to^ ^mean^ ^and^ ^I’d^ ^like^ ^to^ ^point^ ^out^ ^for^ ^posterity^ ^that^ ^there^ ^does^ ^exist^ ^a^ ^canonical^ ^depiction^ ^of^ ^Rainbow^ ^Dash^ ^as^ ^a^ ^human.^ ^My^ ^Little^ ^Pony:^ ^Equestria^ ^Girls^ ^was^ ^a^ ^show^ ^that^ ^aired.)^

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Never knew about MLP Equestria Girls, thanks.
Might wanna fix your formatting, btw. :x


Fuck…no more memes that cause me psychic damage please D:

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Fuck you for observing me, but good meme 🥺😣😓😫


I feel very seen right now

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Did the image not get uploaded? o.O
edit: Glad we can reupload.

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