OC Welcome to m/dryherbvapes! Come on in to this thread and introduce yourself, tell us what kit you are enthusiastic about at the moment, or just make small talk.

Hi everyone. I'm a long time smoker but only recently got into #dryherbvapes so when I first joined kbin and I saw there was no community yet I immediately set one up. Since then a couple of other fellow communities have sprouted up but we need to support each other so we can all flourish, so check out the sidebar where I have...

OC v3pro didn't achieve full extraction with sticky bud

Took my v3pro down the beach yesterday and it was the first time I've tried packing it with a stickier bud. Perhaps I packed it a little too much because the very middle was still greenish despite pumping it up to max temp for an extended period. Looks like the heat didn't penetrate that much. And it wasn't hitting as well as I...

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