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Hideaki Itsuno, Capcom: For Dragon’s Dogma 2, we’ll feature uncapped frame rate performance around 30 FPS or above on consoles. For PC, it will depend on the specs of the machine. But for consoles, we are aiming for an uncapped frame rate around and above 30 FPS.

Seems like the new consoles could do better. But this would stop me from playing the game...IF I were playing on console.

I will be playing on my Linux Gaming PC.

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Linux users are the new vegans/atheists lol


Around 30fps 🤮

So this means even capped it will drop below 30fps

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I am very far from an FPS snob, but it’s kind of getting ridiculous when developers literally plan to release at 30 FPS now. There is no excuse in 2024. Tone down your graphics a little. It’s not a big deal.

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