roastedDeflator, (edited ) in Defamation - Yoav Shamir [1:31:17 | 2020-11-07 |]
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To my understanding, this documentary tries to present itself as an objective walkthrough of antisemitism. My main objection is related to a specific approach of this documentary.

On one hand it gave the mic mostly to ADL (perhaps the biggest organization against what they call antisemitism (they claim that antizionism is antisemitic). On the other hand the mic is mainly given to independent people that criticize Israel's policies in relation to Palestine and Palestinians.

In my opinion, for a fair comparison and since ADL is on one side, JVP should have been given the mic equally. JVP is most probably the biggest antizionist Jewish organization. Actually, Jewish Voice for Peace was not even mentioned. If I missed it, please point it out to me.

These amazing people from JVP have composed a list of documentaries. The Defamation documentary is included in this list as well.

roastedDeflator, in The Death Of Apartheid - The Whites Last Stand [48:40]
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In a way, it's a very boring 1994 documentary. I thought of sharing cause I think we can learn from it. These situations are not created, nor end in a vacuum. They are created by colonialism and end -best case scenario- by local and international demands. To my understanding.

HootinNHollerin, in The War To End War - 2+ Hour WWI Doc

Timeline is quality

ShunkW, in Anti-Racist Skinheads Fighting Nazis: The Baldies [51:45]

The SHARPS were a big thing too.

HappyMeatbag, in Frontline - Inside the Iranian Uprising Documentary 2023 avatar

This video won’t load for me.

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