OC Reading Order for the Discworld Series

One of the oldies but goodies.

It has been oft-reported that Terry hisself did not recommend starting with The Colour of Magic.
The early books are not as cognizant of the scope and subtlety of the Discworld as a spotlight and magnifying glass for the Roundworld, and are more straightforwardly a pastiche and twist on the classic pulp fiction fantasy/DnD tropes; although setting much of the scene and introducing several and pivotal recurring characters.

People often recommend starting with certain 'arcs', like the Watch, or the Witches.

Others recommend a book that can stand alone, like Small Gods, Pyramids, or Thief of Time.

I have to say, I just go chronological, every time.

I have started the series again from scratch each time I have got a new one, starting with my first Discworld book in 1988.

I love seeing how the concepts and characters mature, and the links, evolution, foreshadowing and callbacks.

What your reading order recommendations!


When I first started reading, I started with individual books from my father's collection. Back then, I certainly liked the books but they didn't suck me in.
Years later, I remembered the discworld and thought I should read one or two of them again, so I went online and searched for what order people recommended reading them in. I settled on the chronological order. This time, the books absolutely sucked me in and I read nothing other than Discworld for two years. There is just something great about the gradual expanding of scope of the world and characters, seeing how the characters keep returning in one-another's stories.

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@_ParallaxMax_ totally agree about the expansion of scope and the way you get drawn in as the series progresses.

If you're trying to get someone hooked, what's your go-to recommendation?


If they're willing to try a few books, I would just start them off at the Colour of Magic.
However, if they want to commit to only one book, I would suggest one of the stand-alones to them and if they enjoyed that, then point them to CoM.
It's been a while since I last read the books but Thief of Time has always stood out to me as one of my favourites. To me it's a great introduction to the deeply ludicrous scenarios that Pratchett could write. I would recommend that one as a first stand-alone.

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