Oy new jargon for everything?!

If this is going to work it may take a little getting used to. Surely there will be a certain percentage of users who will be completely turned off by the different interface. For example, what you'd call a "post" on Reddit is actually an "article" on kbin. What you're reading now is an article. If you do a new "post" it just puts a little post on the microblog, no matter how long it is. Yeah it's different.

I still don't know how or even if we can use auto moderation bots which we'll no doubt need to do for spam and trolls and people who can't read rules.

cyborg avatar

Hopefully this becomes a new home for us! I also set up a magazine for us cyborgs. (And I'm crossing my fingers and toes that someone will set up something for ASL soon too.)

Nulpoints avatar

I would love to see ASLinterpreters migrate over too


I'm glad you feel that way :) I'm not sure if I like Kbin or Lemmy better and it will have to come down to mod team consensus (if we migrate at all) In the meantime we can poke around and experiment with this kbin magazine.

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