Lemmings and Mastodons and ... magazine racks? Oh my.

So, this is a new something is it called an article or a thread? That seems to be in flux. Also much to my chagrin Kbin.social (The big Kbin instance), and Lemmy.ml (a fairly popular Lemmy instance) are being somewhat isolationist. I suspect and hope it's due to inter-compatibility concerns in the so called Fediverse. I and other very knowledgeable deafies are still looking for a best alternative to Reddit. Here on kbin.social I'm still unable to add additional moderators. The official kbin migration discord is not much help so far.

I, myself was inspired to try kbin first, after seeing how well it was working for m/functionalprint, one of my favorite subreddits. One of my comrades has been experimenting with a Lemmy instance and sadly there's no perfect solution.

I'm really impressed with how r/blind has migrated to rblind.com. But, they will admit that for users, Reddit itself is still superior. By default Lemmy lacks keyboard navigation like reddit.

As many of you reading this may know, It's no longer possible for blind moderators to effectively moderate a subreddit. Thus r/blind is currently being moderated only by sighted moderators.

The mods and former mods of r/deaf continue to stand in solidarity with the r/blind and rblind.com community. The formally official discord server has separated itself at least nominally from the subreddit.

You may have noticed that most of the active mods on r/deaf are no longer listed. They have all left in protest on their own ovation. I have decided to stay as we usher in new resources and alternatives to Reddit. My rationale is similar to the quandary that r/blind finds for itself. I don't want to abandon the community before they have some viable alternative. Plus, since I have a choice, I want there to be at least one actual deaf mod.

Thank you all for your patience and support for the community that was once centered on r/deaf.

If you'd like to try the discord server "Deafcord" Here's an invite link.

P.S. Why in the heck does kbin.social or whatever it is seem to think that piratekitties@lemmy.world is a "related magazine" ?

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As a previous web designer, accessibility and web standards were always an important goal for me, and boy, it was difficult sometimes. The early days of the internet were so much easier to keep it all in line, since the content was simpler and even search engines' priorities were all about textual content being #1. I also have a relative who has to browse using text-to-speech, and even the best tools out there are frankly terrible, especially in separating actual text from "garbage" and navigation. And I know a lot of that does fall back to the website itself and how accessible it really is.

I would say while there's problems at the moment with the various applications (after all they went from fringe to fully active in weeks), the bonus is that they are open source and looking for contributions, so if solutions can be done, it will be more likely with a community effort than if it was one company's closed product and the only route through customer service suggestions.

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