We cannot hear, Yay! /m/deaf we still cannot hear!

Lemmings and Mastodons and ... magazine racks? Oh my.

So, this is a new something is it called an article or a thread? That seems to be in flux. Also much to my chagrin Kbin.social (The big Kbin instance), and Lemmy.ml (a fairly popular Lemmy instance) are being somewhat isolationist. I suspect and hope it's due to inter-compatibility concerns in the so called Fediverse. I and...

Oy new jargon for everything?!

If this is going to work it may take a little getting used to. Surely there will be a certain percentage of users who will be completely turned off by the different interface. For example, what you'd call a "post" on Reddit is actually an "article" on kbin. What you're reading now is an article. If you do a new "post" it...

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