We cannot hear, Yay! /m/deaf we still cannot hear!

Rhaedas, in Lemmings and Mastodons and ... magazine racks? Oh my.
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As a previous web designer, accessibility and web standards were always an important goal for me, and boy, it was difficult sometimes. The early days of the internet were so much easier to keep it all in line, since the content was simpler and even search engines' priorities were all about textual content being #1. I also have a relative who has to browse using text-to-speech, and even the best tools out there are frankly terrible, especially in separating actual text from "garbage" and navigation. And I know a lot of that does fall back to the website itself and how accessible it really is.

I would say while there's problems at the moment with the various applications (after all they went from fringe to fully active in weeks), the bonus is that they are open source and looking for contributions, so if solutions can be done, it will be more likely with a community effort than if it was one company's closed product and the only route through customer service suggestions.

cyborg, in Oy new jargon for everything?!
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Hopefully this becomes a new home for us! I also set up a magazine for us cyborgs. (And I'm crossing my fingers and toes that someone will set up something for ASL soon too.)

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I would love to see ASLinterpreters migrate over too


I'm glad you feel that way :) I'm not sure if I like Kbin or Lemmy better and it will have to come down to mod team consensus (if we migrate at all) In the meantime we can poke around and experiment with this kbin magazine.

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