OC Any fans of speed dating here? I deleted all of the apps to focus on it and it's the best decision I've made in years.

It's so good being able to talk to real women on an equal footing, with no need to awkwardly find an excuse to disappear if it's a bad date. I've had no success yet, but it doesn't trash my self-esteem like dating apps have always done. I'm always excited to try again be sociable.

I highly recommend giving it a try to get away from those cursed apps that are designed to make you desperate and subscribe.


Not really. Same types of people are at these events that you'd see on apps, and the same laws apply. Everyone will focus on the hottest people in the pool and ignore the average folks, because they want 'the best'.

I got some attention, but the same kind of unwanted attention I get on dating apps.

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