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RadicalEagle, in Why so many men like to play with a female character?

I think women are cool.

meteotsunami, in Been out of the loop for a while, how is the game today compared with when it was released?

Just recently got it for Xbox Series X and I’m gob smacked how good this game is. It might just dethrone Skyrim for me as a go to game. I just wish I didn’t suck at combat as bad as I do, but that’s not their fault.


Ooooh, dethrone Skyrim? I dunno about that. I love Night City and I can’t get enough of this world, but this is a very finite game. It’s not all that moddable so it lacks the same scale of replayability as Skyrim. Of course, it’s also a decade newer so it’s got that going for it.

I think Cyberpunk is in a state where, if it was released today, people would have praised it like the next Witcher 3. Clearly not all things to all people, but the remaining bugs are tolerable and the world is both beautiful and fascinating.

Virkkunen avatar

Dethrone Skyrim for them


For me, Skyrim is actually a very finite game because my dumb ass can’t get past about the 30% through the main quest before I realize I’ve morphed into a sneaky archer and I start over…lol.


I have accepted my inner sneaky archer. It’s just easier that way. I play pretty much the same thing in CP2077, too.


I remember just pinging the enemies, then using the silenced sniper rifle that can shoot through walls to just almost wipe out entire buildings before even entering :p

wolfshadowheart avatar

The only reason this is true right now is that Skyrim has been out for a good decade and 2077 has barely been out for barely 3 and the pretty stellar mods that were/are out for it get broken every update.

In time when the game gets stable and modders don't have to worry about it breaking every month I think we'll start getting some deeper stuff. Right now some of my favorite mods are mostly adding things the game has that it loses over time - the metro to have passenger travel for example.

I don't know if we'll ever get the Skyrim level of map modding where you can grow your own weed farm but I definitely think there is strong potential there.

However in terms of broken games, I think Skyrim still wins. I still have the intro bug constantly, quests constantly fail to trigger, and while there are fun bugs there are really frustrating ones. I was able to 100% 2077 by my second save not too long after release and I only had about 3 major bugs through those - one quest I had to reload a save to complete which was the worst of them. 2077 actually gets more stable with mods lol.


I’m afraid CP2077 is never going to reach Skyrim levels of “Moddability”. Bethesda games are built from the ground up with modding in mind, and the tools Bethesda puts out for modders are far superior than what CDPR has done, to date. Maybe that’ll change when they move to UE5, but as for this engine, unless they dramatically upgrade the Wolven Kit despite moving on from the game, we’re never going to see much more than more of what we’ve already seen.

Kaldo avatar

In time when the game gets stable and modders don't have to worry about it breaking every month I think we'll start getting some deeper stuff.

I've been hearing about this for years the same way I've been hearing it for bannerlord, it's always "next year" and "just wait until tools stabilize" or "patches get less common"... at some point we just have to face the facts and admit that the modding community ain't what people expect it to be and never will be. Maybe Phantom Liberty gives it a new wind but considering they said it's the last expansion and they are working on CP2 that won't even use the same engine, I don't see many modders sticking around.

wolfshadowheart avatar

Both examples you gave are either early access or have lots of content updates still in the works. Skyrim modding broke like crazy when the DLC's released. Then they got fixed in time, Skyrim wasn't updated in years and it's been stable.

Then Skyrim SE released and that split the modding community again and the effects of that are still around today. Mostly not an issue anymore thankfully, but there was a period of time where you had to pick which version for which mods. Back to stable again.

Cyberpunk, Bannerlord, Blade and Sorcery - each update breaks all their mods until the modders fix them. That's just the nature of games that are being worked on after release.

Each Bannerlord update breaks mods. It's going to keep happening. Either the game is better off for it or devs use it as a crutch and is slows it down. Bannerlord seems like it's a bit crutched, but still moving along. It's interesting seeing what mods slowly make their way into base game.

Each B&S update breaks mods, but for the most part it's just minor json changes that need to be made. Devs aren't using modders as a crutch and the community is better for it.

Each 2077 update has broken mods, but I don't think any of the major ones that change the game have been severely affected by it. The most annoying part is, like with Bannerlord, once you finally get your mods playing nice there's a pushed update lol.

Personally I don't see why modders would pack up after P.L. when the patch dust settles. The game is done, they finally can be free of restraint and go as wild as they want without having to worry about more changes and patches mucking everything up. I'm not sure if these modders really care that the assets wont be useable for a 2077 Two because it's not the same game? Like, I don't think Fallout and Skyrim modders lamented the addition of other games.

If anything, having an incomplete game has been what has harmed the mod scene the most. Many modders I enjoy get a version out, update it once and ghost.

If games actually released in a finished state, that would be totally fine. They are not, and now mods get lost.

Kaldo avatar

Neither bannerlord or cyberpunk are early access and how much "content" updates they've received is debatable. Skyrim modding might have broke at few times but it never slowed them down from fixing it soon after, while for these 2 games it's an excuse why mods get abandoned or not made at all.

tal, in I customized these chucks inspired by Cyberpunk 2077
tal avatar

Just a thought for a possible additional mod -- there are various devices that can generate electrical power via movement.

Piezoelectric Shoes: Charge Your Mobile Device by Walking!

Jilanico, avatar

Huh, that’s really interesting. If I switched the EL wire out for LED filament, maybe piezoelectric elements could produce enough power to charge a battery to light them up. Thanks for sharing!

guyrocket, in Why so many men like to play with a female character?
guyrocket avatar

I don't generally do that. But...what do YOU want to look at when you play games?

MisshapenDeviate, in Why so many men like to play with a female character? avatar

I was actually just thinking about that the other day. As far as I can tell, people tend to fall in to one of two camps:

  1. Make the character look as much like (a potentially idealized version of) yourself as possible
  2. Make the character look nothing like yourself

I always make my characters completely different from me, so they often (maybe 60-70% of the time) end up being women. My friend always makes them look as close to himself as possible.

I think it comes down to different styles of roleplay. I’m myself every day. Why would I want to be myself but Cyberpunk? My friend, on the other hand, wants to imagine himself as being in that world.

And then you have the third camp of people who make their characters horny or humorous, which can be fun to do occasionally but I cannot imagine doing regularly.

Brunbrun6766, avatar

Play by the no center sliders rule a la Monster Factory.

There he is, hero of earth camera pans to the most fucked up gremlin you’ve ever seen

Mereo, in CD Projekt Red cancelled two Cyberpunk 2077 expansions due to "technical reasons"

Nowakowski revealed (reported via Reddit ) that the two planned expansions were cancelled simply for technical reasons but he did not share additional details on what these technical reasons might be.

For me, these “technical reasons” are that from now on they want to put all their resources into Unreal Engine 5 and focus on The Witcher 4 (


It makes absolute sense.

They spent a LOT of resources trying to tune their REDengine to meet the demands of Cyberpunk. I can only imagine the tech debt of them adding hack after hack to meet the promises of Cyberpunk after the release.

And over there is Unreal 5, which has many many successes. Even the shitty unreal games still function better than Cyberpunk on launch.


I really hope that they keep REDengine alive, the graphics are amazing and, more important, feels different from UE5.

ObviouslyNotBanana, in How can I experience the best gameplay with the least dialogue possible?

Tbh it sounds like the game isn’t for you. It’s an RPG.

Albbi, in How can I experience the best gameplay with the least dialogue possible?

Why not play something like a rogue-lite instead? Pretty much all action with minimal dialog.

Hades would be great. It does have a lot of dialog, but it’s in short spurts and is actually pretty great.

I’ve also just started 30xx, which is a Megaman rogue-lite. Almost no dialog but pretty fun.


I’m into 3D games more than 2D tbh but thanks for the suggestions


Tried Returnal but the difficulty was impossible…

JamesBean, (edited )
JamesBean avatar

Roguelites like Risk of Rain 2, FromSoft ARPGs like Bloodborne, indie ARPGs like Hyper Light Drifter, classic FPS like Half-Life, classic 3rd person shooters like the PS2 Ratchet & Clank games.

There are lots of games OP should be playing for what they're looking for, and Cyberpunk ain't one of them.

Its_Always_420, in How can I experience the best gameplay with the least dialogue possible? avatar

But I’m not into story based games

Then Cyberpunk 2077 is not for you. This game is based entirely around the story. See if you can get a refund and go play something else.


Like what? Most games seem to be largely story based these days.


It was a toss up between this or The Last of Us which is also story driven


ultrakill, dusk and wrought flesh are my fave movement shooters if you are into that


Prodeus is a solid fuckin sci-fi FPS. Heavily inspired by DOOM (honestly, could be a mod) with extraordinarily punchy guns and visual feedback. There’s a story but I couldn’t tell you what it is. They gave me a gun and put alternate-dimensional aliens in front of me so I shotem.

adam_y, in Really not liking the new "radio on foot" feature and I wish they made it optional. avatar

Would have been kinda cool if it was something you could have bought.

Actually all music in the game would have been cool if it was something you had to buy.

You start as poor nomad. Buy rights to play music. Only get one song. Drives you mad until you can buy something else you like. 0lay it until it either loses all meaning or becomes part of the very fabric of you. Buy another and repeat.

I realise this isn’t a future dystopia but a re-enactment of every gen-xers youth.

vulgarcynic, avatar

Seeking out new songs was one of my favorite parts of Saints Row! Absolutely agree.

EmergMemeHologram, in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Adds Metro System, On-Person Radio, Car Races, and Much More

Finally, a game where I can listen to the radio out loud while riding the bus! I feel seen!

Zahille7, in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.1 Adds Metro System, On-Person Radio, Car Races, and Much More

Holy shit, we can now listen to the radio in our heads!

It always baffled me why we couldn’t do that when we have our entire phone in our heads in-game.


That’s one thing that’s always confused me. Do we actually have the phone in our heads or is it just immersion? Cause NPCs are shown using phones like we have today.


In the tabletop game which takes place in 2040 there is an option for an internal agent that is part of your neuralware suite and an upgrade for your cybereyes to add a heads up display.

Presumably 30+ years later the tech should still be available if not improved on.


Good to know!


Yup, important to note that “quick hacks” don’t exist in the tspletop game though. Netrunning is entirely based around infiltrating net architectures that require “entry” through an access point. And the focus is entirely on programs and daemons that exist entirely in cyberspace. You can’t just look at a security camera and shit it off, you can’t reboot optics or really do anything offensive to NPCs like you can in the video game.

There is a new supplement coming based off of CP2077 and it this is one of the biggest requested features.

AnUnusualRelic, avatar

As long as we can turn it off, that’s fine.

Chozo, in When do I actually get to PLAY this game?
Chozo avatar

Stop checking off quests from your list and just go in another direction and explore the world around you. I don't wanna be that guy and say "You're playing it wrong", but if you're just working off a checklist, then you're definitely playing Cyberpunk wrong. There are things happening all over Night City that aren't given to you by the main quest line. Open your map and look at the icons scattered around, and you'll see tons of side gigs, gang activities, and other missions that aren't tied to the main story at all.

Or just walk down the street and see what's happening near you. See a group of people standing around with yellow triangles over them? Go fight 'em. Sometimes they're random gangoons just standing around on a smoke break, but sometimes there'll be new things to discover by cracking some skulls.

Get drunk with the 6th Street Gang and join in their shooting contest on the rooftops, go climb the ranks in Night City's underground boxing club, talk to the mysterious monk and learn how to meditate, recover Johnny's lost memorabilia, find a gun that talks to you and has a bad attitude, buy some fine designer clothes from the Jinguji store, track down and capture cyberpsychos for psychiatric evaluations, help a former soldier suffering with PTSD, take Jesse Cox to see a doctor about his penis problem, become best friends with a vending machine, help a J-pop star with their stalker problem, pick a fight with the police and see if you can survive until MaxTac gets called, buy some cars and travel in style.

There's a ton of things to do outside the main quest. But if you're just going down the list for the main quest line, then yeah, there's going to be a lot of talking, because Cyberpunk is a very narrative-driven game, especially for the main quest and the side quests for other characters like Judy, Panam, River, Kerry, etc. I'm on my second playthrough of the game with 140 hours logged so far, and I still have undiscovered content to complete. There's plenty to do in Night City, you just gotta look.


Thanks for the write up, I guess I am just approaching this wrong. I figured the checklist of quests would actually lead me to the stuff you listed.


I kinda did the opposite and just wadered off and did whatever. But that did not work at all for me. It became pretty stale and showed off the weaker side of the game. I guess the trick is to do something in between


The side quests pop up based on location for the most part. But the story only gets deep if you do a lot of those quests. The romances and friendships are side quests for the most part. The stories you uncover. I want mention specifics, but a fan favorite involves a couple of rich politicos that call you. The weird shit you find out with the cyberpsycho quests are pretty neat.

This doesn't have a KOTOR light side dark side meter, but if you start to connect with your character, then some of the choices you make are rather emotional. Like you get hired to kill someone, but they talk to you when you get there and you have to decide what to do. And sometimes that changes some things later.

I played all of the original endings (I have about 300 hours in the game since launch). Prior to Phantom Liberty, I decided to try a certain ending and it absolutely crushed me. I was legitimately angry at some of the people and crying about how things went for some others.

If you just want an action rpg light on the story, this isn't it. This is like getting to jump into the action of a really interesting comic series. Lots of shit going on that isn't the main focus of the story. Some of it matters and some of it is just something to do. I imagine if you only hit the main storyline it'd probably be kind of bland. For one, you want have a good reason to kill every tiger claw that you see.

Ghost33313, (edited ) in Update 2.0s been amazing so far but might still need a few patches...
Ghost33313 avatar

I'm amazed they still haven't fixed the, "If you tell Johnny you are both fucked in the head the relic glitch never stops glitch." After the first trip to clouds.


I have this glitch and the only easy solution is to label it as immersion and move on lol


I hace PTSD from that one. Now another one has been added. Sometimes when I exit from driving the tank the controller doesnt stop vibrating. Not even loading a save fixes it. You have to get back in the truck.

Its weird that all the youtube people are talking about how they fixed the game. They did that a few months after the release. Now its worse than it was before the phantom liberty release

nx2, in "Free" iconic weapon "Chesapeake" | prime gaming

Prime gaming in single player games feels shit


I hate the “watch twitch for rewards!” ones. Because your twitch streamers may be playing content you haven’t gotten to yet. So you take the risk of putting it on in the background and hoping it still counts and the page hasn’t for some reason stopped counting your progress or risk checking it and maybe getting spoiled on something.

topinambour_rex, avatar

Just turn it on, then do something else, come back a hour later.

espiritu_p avatar

Since I do streams myself I have no problem with this.
I alway have a browser window with my own stream open for control reasons.
This at least worked perfectly for Baldurs Gate 3.

For CP they chose to limit the drops to a bunch of streamers i was totally uninterested in. So I did open a new browser tab, started the stream on some random guy that announce to give drops, and muted it. Then I did my thing. Went later back to the tab and collected my reward.

SuiXi3D avatar

Accepting ‘bribes’ from Amazon feels like shit.

Kovu, avatar

it is

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