The latest mini I painted for my DnD group, it a homebrew creature called a Kipine

Source for the stats (Not mine)

Source for the model (Also not mine)

I painted it using a some Army Painter Speed paints, some Vallejo Paints, Apple barrel craft paint, and Rust-Oleum primer.

It’s not the best I’ve done but I’m still happy with how it came out.

EDIT: After some digging I was able to find the original art that was used for the stat block. Link


That’s gorgeous!

Gormadt, avatar

Thank you!


This looks incredible, I wish I had creativity like this.


Hey, use whatever creativity you’ve got and it’ll grow. I’m sure this isn’t OP’s first try.

Gormadt, avatar

Everybody starts somewhere, and trust me this isn’t my first mini I painted. Or even the first thing I’ve painted.

We all start at the same place, a place of no experience or understanding

Everyday is a learning opportunity, it’s up to you whether you seize it or not

It’s never too late to start, hell Van Gogh didn’t start painting until he was 27

Flex those creative muscles and you’ll improve


Looks like something out of Monster Hunter.

Something that could make you good evasion armor if you farm like a hundred of it.

FlashMobOfOne, avatar

That’s awesome!

The only two homebrew creatures I have are El Pollo Diablo (for an April Fools session) and the Turkeybear, for my Thanksgiving session.


El chupanibre!


It looks scary. Cool!

Did you print it at home? The colors fit quite well.

Gormadt, avatar

I printed it using my resin printer, the print came out quite nice this time

Usually I print minis 2 at a time on my resin printer because they don’t take more time with more minis plus it allows me to test colors on a model before picking final colors

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