VIDEO: Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club Event concerning the UAP issue.

If you are interested in the UAP/UFO issue I would recommend watching this presentation with Dr. Steven Greer and witnesses coming forward.

Dr. Greer is not a "hero" in my opinion, I enjoy the guys work, but have seen that he can be viewed as a quack and hasn't always been honest in his stories of what he has done, who he has briefed and so on.

However, the UAP issue is increasingly being featured in the media and whether you think it's a psyop (Project Bluebeam) or real it is worthy of discussion.

I have seen a UAP my self several years ago at a camp together with five other people and am convinced that there are visitors. It is not clear to me now if it was human or not though. With info coming out about reengineering alien technology it might have been "one of ours".

Anyway, not saying I trust all the info in the video but it is interesting not the less.


I treat this UAP stuff as a psy-op until proven otherwise.

baard2k avatar

Fair enough!

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is there a tl;dw? between the grusch stuff and the reddit drama and moving to kbin, I missed the greer conference. I'll have to give it a watch tomorrow.

baard2k avatar

tl:dw: shady black ops projects have been keeping alien technologies secret from congress and the public. The project is now focusing on suing the government and other orgs to release the info if I'm not mistaken. A few great personal stories from witnesses. I recommend watching the first disclosure project conference from 2001 when you have the time.

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oh the guys at the greer conference stated the same stuff as grusch? they're going to the hearing? that's very interesting.

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I don't think they're going to any hearing but it was interesting none the less.

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